You WANT this!

i want godWhat do we really want? Sometime we know, sometimes we think we know, most of the time we don’t stop long enough to really answer the question. The words within these pages are so rich, point straight to the heart, and are worth their weight in precious minutes. I needed these words, and wasn’t really aware I needed them. Lisa expresses truth in such a passionate, transparent manner, that I paused, underlined, and thought. Lisa covers topics that include wanting God more than comfort, logic & reason, popularity, and blessing. For this season of my life, not only did these words refocus me, it helped me to share with other family members by starting a conversation that needed to take place. So join Lisa, get in the game, for as she says, “We are at our very best when we make peace with who God made us to be.”

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Here are some of my favorite underlines:

  • The truth is, until the want matches the need, nothing will ever change.  Needing without wanting is just a really good idea that never sees light.
  • Wanting God is not a risk.  Living without wanting Him is.
  • We who have much are often the most in need because we have forgotten how it feels to be desperate.
  • The people who go hard for God are not the ones who try the hardest.  They are the ones who want Him more than anything else.
  • God rarely uses the ones we’d expect.
  • If He asks a question, it’s only to open a narrower mind to a bigger view.
  • The “more” God gives is really about the loss and less and the willingness to do without and yes, the joy in that.  It’s about discipline and dedication and focus and surrender.
  • The more we have of Him, the ore we survive and even thrive.
  • …only He knows the time when are hearts are truly ready to see.
  • He designed us to be capable of going all in.
  • When we want God more than anything, we forgo our control of what life looks like.  We must be ready for popularity lost.  Comfort interrupted.  Reason tossed away.  Self disregarded.  Sin exposed.
  • Wanting more really just means that what we have now will no longer do, and we believe He has better.
  • I want God to consume me more than the mess that is currently consuming my life.
  • We can’t serve God fully while we are all settled in, because God is the great unsettler.
  • He doesn’t want us to settle for sitting on the sidelines and watching our influence go by when He has given us the ability to play ball.
  • If God is ever going to invade our insides and do that powerful work we groan for, we are going to have to stop sabotaging it by insulting ourselves to the point where neither He nor we can move.
  • Things keep us comfortable but comfortable keeps us from God.
  • People who are used by God aren’t born special.  They’ve just tasted something good and kept coming back for it.  They live with a different longing.
  • Let God break your rules.
  • Life with God was never meant to be a calculated risk; it was meant to be an illogical surety.
  • God often calls us to the illogical and unreasonable places to expose what position control holds in our lives.
  • He doesn’t have to make sense to be Sovereign.
  • We will never be qualified to do anything God-sized; all we can ever be is willing.
  • Wanting God over logic and reason comes with an underlying trust on our part and thorough follow-through on His.
  • God is waiting on us to choose Him, only Him, always Him, forever Him…and he will release us from every self-inflicted chain that has kept us bound so we can live free.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for your Word.  Thank you for your truth.  Thank you for your grace and mercy and forgiveness.  Thank you for giving us the desire to Want You.  Lord we get side-tracked, we get pulled, we get off-track while getting on-track.  We mess up.  And yet, there You are.  Forever and always.  Thank you for loving me enough to die, knowing full well the extent of my sin.  Thank you for your servant Lisa who has a willing heart to pursue you, to love you, to want You more than comfort, popularity, or even the blessing.  My heart has been changed and inspired to seek more of You.  Lord forgive me when I don’t.  I rejoice in knowing and believing your truth, and in that truth, I am free.



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