Yesterday, I cried…

little girlTo be honest, I’m not one that sheds tears often.  Yet, I know that there are a few things that tug at my heart strings than no other.  One such “thing” is evidence of God’s unrelenting, unmistakable, never-ending love for his children.  I “know” that my God is a big God, but it just doesn’t filter into my daily mindset as often as it realistically should… until it does.

A few months ago, I received a clear confirmation from the Lord that He would have a plan for me to join Him on another adventure in Honduras this October.  As with other clear directives I’ve received, they don’t always include a full road map, just the “next step” in the general direction, leaving lots of room for trust along the way.

This year in the life of our family is different than last year, in several ways.  We’ve experienced a roller coaster of unemployment, employment, unemployment, and employment.  As with any roller coaster, some parts are exhilarating, some part scary, but the ride has been tremendous.  I knew that the only way this trip would happen would be for God to provide, in whichever way He chose.  Well, yesterday, I faced a date on the calendar.  One week to go and half the funds for the trip were due.  And I was short.

I felt a nudge.  I knew it was a directive for the “next step”, but it was uncomfortable.  Talking about money ranks lower than my top 100 favorite things to do.  I wan’t sure what would come of it, I even had several doubts, and yet, my desire to obey thankfully took over.  I simply typed a statement on my facebook status.  I attempted to stay on point, I attempted to make it clear, I attempted to let the Spirit lead my words.

And the immediate response blew me away.

After I typed my post on the small screen of my iPhone and clicked send, I checked my mailbox.   A check from my neighbor.  Then, a text message was sent to my husband from my father-in-law, who spent a great summer with us last year.  A dear lady from a Bible Study Fellowship group LAST YEAR responded to my facebook post.  And then I received a message in my facebook inbox.  And I gasped. Loudly.

You see, years ago, we were blessed to know a family we met at our church.  Quite simply, they had a need.  We were in a season of harvest.  The Lord prompted us to give, and it was a tremendous joy to obey.  Years later, we now have a need.  They are in a season of harvest.  And they chose to give.  Generously.  And they didn’t have to, and yet they responded immediately.  And the girl who stood in our foyer that day, shedding some tears, was now mirrored in the image of this girl sitting by her laptop, shedding tears, because that’s JUST GOD.

The God who loves us, who leads us, who protects us and provides for us, is the God who KNOWS the big picture.  And I just sat completely overwhelmed because it really takes nothing on our part but a simple gut desire to decide to trust and obey.

And after having lunch with my parents (who were oblivious to this happening), I now have the ENTIRE trip covered!

Completely and totally unbelievable.  And yet, I’m not completely surprised.  When I wondered, when I doubted, I retraced my steps to the moment He confirmed His plan, and there was peace.  And this just fuels my faith like nothing else!  And now my mind is filled with faces.  Faces of those precious people who live in a country very different than mine, and yet a part of me is still connected there.  I have no idea what lies ahead, all I know is that today I am thankful.  Today I am grateful to the one who invites and includes all of His children to be a part of His divine plan, no matter what the part – a plan that leads them to His heart, His home, His forever place beyond anywhere we can visit here.

And today, my heart can only speak a simple, yet proud word… gracias.


4 thoughts on “Yesterday, I cried…

  1. I Have Been Praying, And Can Not Say I Am Surprised By The Goodness Of Our God!! I Am SOOOOO EXTREMELY EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I Pray HEAPS Of Blessings Down On Those Who Responded To God’s Tugging On Their Heart To Give To One Of God’s Children To See His Kingdom Furthered!!!
    My Heart Is So Blessed To Know That People Really And Truly Listen To That Small Voice From God Telling Them The Right Thing To Do!!!!
    We In Our House Are Rejoicing With You Today!!! Hoping You Have /An AMAZING WEEKEND!!! With Much Love To You My Friend!!! 🙂

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