Unexpected blessings.

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So I awoke this morning knowing that a long run was ahead of me.  Sometimes this gets my juices flowing, other times it brings a feeling of dread.  Today was the latter.  After returning home late from an-all day trip last evening, I wasn’t sure how my body would respond today.  Yet, I knew my mind was set, and this run was on the “agenda”.

I decided to run on our local trail today, which means I needed to drive to said location.  As I drove, I glanced at the many runners that were already out and about.  It WAS a great morning for a run, sunshine out, much of the snow melted, no wind, simply a fresh-air smell in the air.  So what was with my Debbie-downer attitude?  Oh well, time to get going!  I decided to listen to a few Podcasts by some great preachers.  And the rest of the run is now history…

I was mentally so challenged by the words the Lord spoke to me through these messages, that I was utterly distracted.  My body had many moans and groans, but my spirit was just soaking and soaring!  With one step at a time, the miles ticked away, and I found myself starting to smile at the many cyclists, walkers, and runners that passed my view.  And a thought was renewed once again…

Just step into the “next” Heather, and simply watch where it takes you.

For some reason, I decided to run the entire trail today – 6 miles down, 6 miles back.  Last weekend I ran 10 of these 12, and my body was tempting me to cut those last two miles off again.  But I’m stubborn.  Ironically, it was just after mile 10 when my “conversations” with the Lord turned real personal.  I had just listened to a story of an ordinary lady who dared to be reckless in following God’s directive around the world.  The ways in which the Lord used her humble, willing spirit was nothing short of a miracle.  It was then that I heard, “It’s time”.  My soul knew exactly what that meant.  I repeated what I heard just for confirmation and then asked one more clarifying question, “When?”

Honduras.  October trip.

And I responded, “Okay.”

And I’m so excited.

In fact, just a half mile short of the finish, as I my mind wandered away from the happenings around me, I sudden saw a hand waving at me.  This person had been walking towards me for awhile, I just didn’t “see” him.  It was our friend Jeff, going for a walk with his dog.  This wasn’t just an ordinary friend, this was a guy who, along with his amazing wife, have adopted 3 children.  From Central and South America.  And I smiled and waved back.  Little did he know.  Little did I know.

And I reached the “finish line”, which isn’t really the “finish line”, but a beginning line, and I knew that the moment I stopped I would experience intense pain.  And I did.  And I’ll do it again.  Not out of stupidity, but of experience.  Because this I now know –

Obedience brings rewards.  Many times in ways that blow my mind.

I don’t want to miss.  God continues to transform lives today through His wild love.

2 Chronicles 16:9 – For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

I want to extend my commitment to the Lord, in spite of circumstances, in spite of comfort, in spite of equipping, in spite of a language barrier.  I want to dare to believe that God has a plan for my good (and the good of others) that goes beyond my understanding.  I want to be where God is moving.  I want to be blown away.  I want to be broken, in fact, dare I say I want to be wrecked… for Him.
hands-copyLord here I am, send me.

Matthew 28:19 – Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Jesus for your timing.  I promised I would wait for your prompting, even if it didn’t happen for years.  I trust you.  I love you.  Thank you in advance for how you will break this vessel to be restored in you.  Use me Lord.  However you see fit.


3 thoughts on “Unexpected blessings.

  1. Heather,
    Your posts inspire and move me every time you write. I’m so blessed by your words. Thank you. You are strong. Obedience does bring its rewards. Rejoice in them!

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