In the still, and the not so still…


I’ve actually missed writing.  Crazy.  My high school English teacher would fall off her chair if she heard this statement.  Yes, it’s true.  I’m passing through a season that has been and IS super sweet, and it’s simply been a time to let all those sweet flavors marinate.  I’m slowly practicing what I’ve come to learn…

All things comes to pass, in HIS perfect timing.

And it’s His perfect timing in the big things, but also the small things.  For example, I’m now picking up here after dropping my youngest off at school and filling my tank for a drive to Kalahari today.  Not for swimming, but to watch my daughter compete in her sport of gymnastics.  His timing in all the details, from the opportunity to clean off my dirty windshield, to reading a chapter from my favorite book of James with my son this morning, to kissing my husband goodbye, and telling my youngest I’ll send her a text message on the iPad to keep her updated on Emma’s events,  He’s present in all of life’s activities and joys… IF we stop to acknowledge it.

Oh, and Emma just asked if I could pray with her. Um, yeah!  Pause.

THAT was special.  She just told me, “Mom, I know how you feel.”  I had watery eyes.  She’s a child who has watery eyes often.  Powerful.

While praying, I mentioned a “thank you” in regards to a story.  She asked me for more details.  Aaron received an email today.  He sent it to me to read.  “Wow”, was my only response.  A sweet lady named Jennifer was courageous enough to reach out and share her gratitude for a heart that simply typed words onto a screen.  These words traveled many miles, and unknowingly sank deep into her soul, lifting and carrying her spirit through a time of deep reflection and healing.  For over a year to be exact.  She read words through the avenue of blog posts and tweets, and in a time of desperation, Jesus provided his life-giving water to quench a thirst.  And she wrote to say thank you.  And you realize His world-wide reach.  And you understand what a privilege it is to step in this world-wide adventure with Him.  And the giver becomes the receiver.

And I passed on this story to my child, and God confirms His love for us, and placed that rock of remembrance for when we veer and doubt again.  And He reminds us the He GIVES us one another.  He provides words that are so powerful they actually change our lives – transformational growth.

And I recall a phone conversation I had with my Mom just yesterday.  She was conveying a thought of reflection.  She mentioned that in the season of being a mom with 5 young children, she was often amiss to offer words of thankfulness to my Dad.  Words that spoke of gratitude for the ways in which he provided for our family and came alongside as a participating help mate. Now that she is in a season of recovery, and dependence on others for daily tasks, she finds lots of opportunities to say thank you.  And I have different thoughts as she’s speaking.  I don’t often tell her this, but she is my hero.  God has blessed her with a gift of encouragement.  It’s truly special.  She speaks words of life into others multiple times on a daily basis.  Her positive outlook never ceases to fail, even on the gloomiest of days.  To hear her speak of this rocked my world.  SHE wants to give even more.  She is a role model to so many, and she doesn’t even know it.

And I want to pause in this season where I feel my heart has been renewed after a past season of being pressed, and I must remember to say to thank you.  This current season is a answer to many past prayers.  And while my calendar may be filled with activities, my heart is still.  Am I immune to bumps?  Oh no.  In fact, words of regret filled my mind this morning, threatening to take me down.  I decided to say no.  Counting my blessings now.  I rather spend my time choosing praise over shame.

May your day be filled with moments of recognition today and gratitude.  They’re available to us for the taking.  Every day!  I pray you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

2 Corinthians 4:8-9

 We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.


One thought on “In the still, and the not so still…

  1. Heather,
    I NEEDED To Read Your Encouraging Post Today!! I Love Reading How God Is Doing Such AWESOME And AMAZING Things In You, Aaron, Your Kids And Families!! 🙂
    I Can Hardly Wait To Meet The Woman That You Are Obviously A TOTAL CARBON COPY OF!!! 🙂 🙂 I Am So Grateful To God That You Have Such An Awesome Mom, And That You Look At Her And Call Her Your HERO!! 🙂 There Are SOO Many Of Us That Wish We Could Do The Same!! But We Are So Fortunate That God Has Given Us Such An Awesome Pastor’s Wife Like You!!! 🙂 I Think It Is Cool How You See Your Mom As A Hero, And Then You Pass
    That On To People Like Me…Who See You Much The Same Way!!! 🙂 Even When Stephen And I Are Unable To Come To Church Because Our Car Still Isn’t Fixed…We Can Always See The Blogs That You And Aaron Have And Your FB Posts, And Twitter Posts…And You Would Not Believe What That Has Done For Us!!!
    Hoping You Have An AMAZING DAY Today!!

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