When the faith-rubber meets the road…

faith 2

It’s been a few months since my husband and I have answered the Lord’s lead in entering a season of new employment.  It’s been a fantastic journey with lots of learning along the way.  We’ve witnessed the Lord provide in ways too numerous to count.

And yet…

The reality of the situation smacked me upside the face.  Hard.  Just yesterday.  Because I sat down to write the bills.

And this is where the faith-rubber meets the road.

This is where logic screams at me, “HOW?”

And this is where reality says, “I don’t know.”

And then I remember.

I recall the times when things looked bleak, and somehow we made it.  I recall the times when we were in plenty, and perhaps we could have given more.  I recall the moments when we put our house up for sale, and moments when we took the sign down.  I recall the moment I felt nudged to stay home and the months to follow in which business boomed.

And we’ve heard countless stories of other men leaving the corporate world and entering into ministry.  Stories of needs met and hearts overflowing with a new satisfaction in their daily work.  And I take a breath.  And I stand on his word.  I choose to both stand still and move forward in faith.


And I don’t know for certain what the future holds, but I do know who holds my future.  And in choosing faith, I’m saying no to worry, anxiety, doubt, and self-control.  Suddenly, the “how” doesn’t need to be answered.  The pressure of control is released, and peace reigns.  Does this release me from responsibility?  Of course not, but it frees me from pressures of guessing unknown outcomes.  I can live in the current moment, not fogged by nagging unknown answers.

And in living this way, I’m making a choice.

I choose God’s truth.

I choose to believe in His faithfulness.

I choose to trust in what I cannot see, cannot know, and cannot predict.

I choose to love those around me with whatever He chooses to bless me with.

I choose to honor, and support, and hug my husband.

We choose to live as Jesus did – a servant and a child.

And this I know…. It has made all the difference in the world.


So those bills.  We will continue to pay them.  Our tithes?  First, and foremost.  Not because we’re super-Christians but because we want to put actions to our faith.

James writes that faith without actions is dead.  Not sure about you, but what’s the use of something dead?  I want my faith to be alive and active.  Words are easy, actions give evidence of your heart.

In what areas of your life is God asking you to put your faith into action?  What is holding you back?  What fear could be at the root?  How much more does He offer us while we stand with closed fists?

I’m learning to open up.  Learning being the key word.  I’m choosing to act on the concept that God can do much more with “my money” than I could ever do in my limited capacity.

While fasting, I’m watching Him sustain… and it’s so good.


2 thoughts on “When the faith-rubber meets the road…

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