Those moments that leave you speechless…


We have a daughter who loves gymnastics.  I must admit, there are times when I don’t love gymnastics.  Why?  Because it causes pain.  Over and over again.

Just this past Monday, we got a call from the gym.  Never good to get a call during practice time.  It was her coach.  My first words, “Did she hurt herself?”  I hear a “yes”.  And my heart drops.

Her hand is swollen and a bit purple.  We’ll need an x-ray to verify no damage.  Sure enough, nothing broken, fractured, or sprained.  Big sigh of relief.  Question remained, how long will this soreness persist?

She went right back at it Wednesday.  On Friday, her goal was to complete a bar routine, the most painful rotation for her.  And she met her goal.  She would be able to compete today in all four events. Miracle.

Before the meet began today, we watched the “big girls” for a bit and out of the blue I hear, “Mom, I’m not nervous today.  My hardest event today will be the bars.”  And with that, she was set.  And I had the joy and privilege of watching her live out the two goals we always talk about – Try your best.  Have fun.

And she did.

Even with judges that used a set of eyes unlike mine.  Tough.  She rolled with it.  From one event to the next.

And then it came time for the bars.  And she looked at me.  And I knew.

Nailed it!  And she looks at me.  And I read her lips… 9.4

And I’m speechless.  A 9.4!!!

And she earns first place in her age group for that score.  And she returns home with four medals and a 4th place overall trophy, and her team brings home a first place finish!

And to think we weren’t sure if she could even compete five days ago.

And I smile.  Just as I sense God is smiling, because I know, He’s more concerned about building character than any number flashed on a scoreboard.

And I hear words of gratitude as I tuck her in bed tonight.  I give her a kiss and a big hug.  And I feel the same from the Lord, for He is teaching me how to be a Mom for this, His unique child.  And today is a day that leaves me speechless.  Today is a day I thought would not happen.  And now I’m writing about it in the past tense.  And though I’m sitting by a warm fire, my heart is warmed to the core.

And I am thankful for gymnastics.


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