Mark your calendars!


I want to introduce you today to a couple.  Their names are Justin and Trisha Davis.  Like all of us, they have a story.  Like many of us, their story is filled with heartache.  Unlike many of us, they’ve experienced, grace, forgiveness, and hope in ways that can’t be explained in human terms.

Together, they answered the call to write down their story.  In an interview with Lisa Whittle, Trisha states:

Justin and I wrote this book out of an overflow of what God has done through us individually and as couple. Single, married or single again our hope is for you to find your own story in the midst of ours. We hope you will trust God and believe he is fighting harder for you than you are fighting for yourself.

Whether you’re happily married, no-so-happily married, or ever want to be married, this book holds some priceless keys to not just settling for an ordinary marriage but experiencing an extraordinary one.

The most exciting news of all is that God is bringing this amazing couple right here to Columbus, Ohio!  Sunday, February 3rd, the Davis’ will be speaking at Rock City Church at three different service times  9:00, 10:45, and 12:30.  Mark your calendars now!

For even more information, visit their site HERE.  And while you’re at it, get to know them HERE while they sit at a kitchen table with their great friends the Hodges.

Also, check out Aaron’s blog as to the back-story of how this was made possible through events beyond us, in fact, one might say, in a beyond ordinary way.

God Bless and enjoy a great Sunday!


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