Sitting here by the fire…

fireplaceMy husband has truly become a fire-making expert.  I truly love to sit in the evenings by the warmth of the flames.  Several times we’ve enjoyed a rented movie, other nights we find ourselves playing a family game or adding to our puzzle table, tonight I had a chance to grab a book, and I find myself reflecting a bit tonight…

snowIt’s been a wonderful Christmas vacation.  The ability to sleep in several morning is such a special treat, we’ve needed it.  Three winter sports have provided several activities, and yet Christmas Day we stayed in our pjs for the entire day.  And then snow!  What a great treat over this vacation time.  We’ve built snowmen and today chose some family sledding time!

ChristmasWe’ve hosted a family gathering time, enjoyed some skating around the roller rink, takin in a movie at the theater, and spent some Christmas money while shopping for special treasures.  We’ve drank lots of hot chocolate, enjoyed our chocolate fondue, and roasted marshmellows for smores in the fireplace.

But more than anything, I’m enjoying time to place some focus on simply cherishing the moments as they come.  I’ve sat with my son as he explores his new technology, asked questions and listened to answers as to who is “texting” what as new relationships develop, and I hear him giggle with his sister over bunk bed sleepovers.  I’ve joined our middle one in painting nails, and shopping for new boots, and setting up activities with friends.  She always remembering to thank me, to hug me, and even to apologize for times when she’s messed up.  I’ve snuggled with the youngest, and sang songs over puzzles, and listened to her retell all the funny parts of cherished movies.  And my heart is full.

And I watch my husband.  I listen to him share.  And I’m so thankful for a job that provides joy, and fulfillment, and satisfaction in taking pride in excellence for the Lord.  And I hear Him dream again.  And it’s music to my ears.

And I know that I know that I know that my heart is content in this family focus.  I’ve noticed how the stretching and the slight off-kilter of a full-time job has rocked my physical body and my spiritual soul.  I’ve needed a time to refocus.  I’m taking better note of what I feed my body.  I’m making sure that I’m looking for opportunities to release some endorphins.  And most importantly, I’m inviting the Lord into my life in perhaps ways in which I’ve slowly neglected Him before.  This sense of off-kilter is a great indicator, and I’m thankful to be able to take inventory.  I’ve realized that sometimes the Lord’s plans don’t include an instruction booklet or a pretty wrapped up bow on top.  Sometimes He simply asks me to trust and obey.

BibleAs another amazing year comes to a close, and I think back over the whirlwind of transitions, I am grateful and most proud of one constant – the word of God.  This marks my third consecutive year of reading through the Bible.  I’m not looking for a pat on the back, I’m simply amazed and grateful to the Lord for his patient endurance in loving me and extending grace daily.  This is my act of worship.  It grounds me.  I learn more and more every year.  Whether I grab time in the morning over breakfast, or grab it just before bedtime, this constant shows me one thing – I love to do it.  It’s no longer out of duty, or guilt, or shame, it’s out of love.  Can’t wait to start in Genesis all over again.

family photoFrom our family to yours, Happy New Year!!


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