Only in the Lord’s strength…

A total work week of 44 hours, with 20 hours of classwork ahead this weekend.  This is what my calendar tells me.  And this is what the next four week/weekends entail.

And I choose to look at one day’s agenda at a time.

And my logic tells me that this is a “season”, not forever.

And I breathe.

And I thank.

Because I know, I alone do not have the strength.

Life is full and life is given.  Our three wonderful blessings in the shape of small people each have their own sport season currently.  Basketball season requires roughly 8 hours a week.  Gymnastics season requires 12 hours of normal gym time, not including competitions.  Swim team requires 8 hours a week, including meet weekends.  And these little people need to eat.  And they need clean clothes.  And they need snuggle time, homework time, and just hang time.  And I want to be a part of all of it.  And I can’t.  I’m not even supposed to.  I’m to trust in His provisions.  And He HAS provided!

And I return home tonight around 7:30.  I spend time with the girls while the boys are at basketball.  And I change my clothes, and I run on the treadmill.  And it’s a gift of “download” time.  And I think about a “discussion” we need to have with our son as to a decision he made today.  And I pray for guidance, because that’s what God asks me to do as a Mom.  Guide to Him.  And our son’s heart is open, broken, and he receives.

And I spend a few moments, just talking about life with my soul mate.  And we share our hearts, as weary as we may be.  And I recognize, and I desperately desire to remember.  I want to shift my sight to Him, and I want less attention on me.  How do I have the strength to run?  I don’t.  He gives.  I receive.  Rest is not something owed to me, it’s something found in Him.

And I choose to brag on Him.  And I choose to praise Him.  And I choose to look just at today, the next moment.  And I choose to recognize the thoughts that whisper lies, and call them lies, and replace them with truth.  And in my weariness, I turn to praise and thankfulness.  And IN Him, I find rest.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend, whatever He has planned for you, maybe even something that’s NOT on the “calendar”.


2 thoughts on “Only in the Lord’s strength…

  1. Heather,
    Your Blog Constantly Amazes Me That Even As A Pastor’s Wife, A Mom, And A Teacher..You Go Through Much Of The Same Things That I Do In My Everyday Life. I Was Not Surprised To Hear That God Completely Provided For You And Aaron To Be Able To Pay Off Your Vehicles!! I See That As TOTAL CONFIRMATION That The Decision That You Both Made To Step Out In Faith And Take This Job With Rock City Was INDEED…THE RIGHT ONE.
    I Am Encouraged By Your Ability To Just Move Into Whatever Situation God Puts In Front Of You!! I Have To Say That What Really Blessed Me Was Your Sharing About How Austin Is No Different As A Pastor’s Son Than Any Of The Other Kids At Rock City! 🙂 My Son And I Often Have To Have “THOSE” Talks, And Sometimes I Am The One Who Walks Away Feeling Like I Have Totally Lost As A Mom..:( But I Know That My God Is Able, And That God Is Still On The Throne, And That HE WILL Meet Our Needs. Like You, Sometimes The Only Time I Have For ME, Is Long After My Son Has Been Tucked In And It Is Then That I Catch Up With A Select Few Special Friends….That Seem Like I Never Get To See Or Have Time For. But God Is Constantly Moving Me Forward In My Relationships…..Sometimes One Step Forward and 2 Steps Backward, But I Always Manage To Somehow Come Out Standing On my Own 2 Feet…albeit sometimes a bit Unsteady or Unbalanced. But I Thank God That HE ALWAYS Comes Through For Me…Even Though so Often I Feel Like It Is In The 11th Hour 🙂

  2. Hi from Maine Heather! I can’t help but think HE offers to us these different seasons to learn how to bring glory to Him in all things… Blessings as you work and play this weekend sister. ~ Amy 🙂

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