Running for Rachel’s House!

This morning, I woke up at 6:00 (which was really 7:00), and I laced up my shoes.  My husband came downstairs and asked me how I was feeling.  Actually, I wasn’t thinking about the running part at all.  I was thinking about some special women.  You see, just a few moments early I was reading.  I was reading about the time when my Jesus hung on the cross.  For me.  And for everyone.  I read the words of the Roman officer who had a front row view.  After Jesus died he said, “This man truly was the Son of God!”

No denying it.  Jesus hung next to two other criminals.  One would see Jesus in paradise a few moments later, the other would not.

I had the privilege of hearing a woman’s testimony before we began the race.  She spoke briefly of her life in bondage.  Then she spoke of her God.  Her God that gave her a special gift.  She called it jail.  And He became her everything.  And Rachel’s House, part of Lower Lights Ministries, became a safe haven for her healing process.  And she is now employed.  And through her tears, she expressed joy and freedom unlike anything she had previous known.  And without Rachel’s house, her past would have dictated her future of repeated mistakes.  And now the prisoner is free and wants to “turn back and strength her sisters” (Luke 22:32).

And as I heard Donald Miller speak about “story” just two days ago, I thought about HIS story in each of our lives.  The Spirit lives through us in telling HIS story.  And I heard just a glimpse today.  And it brought me to tears.  Redemption.  Restoration.  Healing.  Living.  That is what my Jesus, and your Jesus died for.

And these precious women showed up today.  Some walked, some ran, some helped.  And it was a morning of celebration.  The temperature was chilly, but the sun was bright!  Upon the completion of the race, a full breakfast was served, gifts were given, and relationships developed.

In fact, I met several people from Rock City church for the first time today.  I even had the privilege of hearing a few of their stories.  And I was blown away.  When God gives a church a mission statement (to reach the unchurched and the spiritually restless), he truly does BRING those people.  Beautiful stories.  Amazing God.

Thanks to the Milam family for spreading the word about this event.  Thanks to the Pinnacle Ladies Association for running a well organized event.  Thanks to those serving in a a ministry role every day.  Thanks be to God to deserves all the glory and the honor and the praise.

How was YOUR Sunday?


One thought on “Running for Rachel’s House!

  1. Thank YOU, Heather, for running for Rachel’s House yesterday. This weekend I joined 15 other women at a conference to learn more about the stress and trauma associated with all types of abuse and human trafficking. We prayed for and over women in this situation – that the bonds will be broken and Jesus will continue to heal hearts in this city!

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