I have officially hit that proverbial wall.  And when I mean hit, I’m talking about full force head-butt.

Ever been there?

I’m talking about the times when you’re not even sure you can talk your body into moving up from the deep freeze that has seemingly overtaken every once of energy.  It’s the moment when your body suddenly takes on extra weight and the question someone just asked you does not register in its English form and you find yourself muttering, “oatmeal, oatmeal, what is oat meal.”

It’s the moment when you’re not quite cognizant of your next move and frankly, you could care less, because quite honestly, you have officially reached the end of yourself.  And there’s no denying it.

And then I curl up with my daughter to listen to a story and….she’s waking me up.  What??!!  Where??!!   Ohhh, my.  Sorry sweetie.

And I got nothin.  No wise words.  No cute quips.  No Bible verses.

Just my stinkin humanness.

And my best friend made it back home from an out-of-town adventure.  And these amazing beauties.  And life is so good.

I remember this tiredness.  This foe of yester-years.  The infant stages, the days of barely making it through bath time, one more diaper change, and one more story.  And you feel it in your bones.  And you now smile in remembrance, because it was a good tired.

Perhaps it felt mundane at the moment, but I was expending energies in building lives, building character, most especially when we were waiting and hoping for our labor to produce a harvest.  Often the work was being done in my heart, yet now I’m seeing the fruit in each of these beauties, tenderly growing their own shoots right under our roof.

And tomorrow will come.

And sleep will refresh.

And work will come.

And another dinner time comes and conversation will ensue.  And I will attempt to soak up these days before sleep creeps into my bones yet again because I know I have been given a bounty.  I choose to rest on that.  And tomorrow I will give out more hugs, more of my attention, more of my devotion, but for such a time as this… I will rest.

Lord thank you for the gift of today.  I trust you with my tomorrow.  Good night.


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