It all starts today!

Okay, so right up front, the picture to the left is not a picture taken from home. Nope. It’s a great idea.  I found it on-line.  It’s functional, it’s beautiful, I like it.  It may even inspire me to find a cheap way to replicate it.  But, for now, we have a system that works for us.

Yep, we’re talking about organization.  For some, this word may conjure up feelings of bliss and dreams of a shopping spree to staples where everything has a container and a beautiful label and a future home.  For others, it causes you to throw up in your mouth a little.

I get it.  I shared a room with a sister for many years.  I had certain tendencies, she had the opposite.  I’ve learned that certain minds aren’t so bothered by certain things (ahem, clutter), and others can’t stand clutter because it sends their brains into overload.

I got to thinking about this concept as I’ve re-entered the classroom.  As I became adjusted to my new surroundings, I found myself exploring all the options the drawers and closets afforded to become familiar with my resources, and then I dove into planning and setting a function.  I needed everything to have a “home”, both for myself in grabbing a tool when required, and to communicate with the students so that they were empowered to join this “home” as well.

The same is true with our home as well.  Over the years, my husband and I have been able to develop a system that works for us.  We have a way in which both daily and weekly household chores are completed, rooms are organized and maintained, and family involved is enlisted.  My goal today is not to “list out” what we do, but to simply encourage you that time spent in planning and producing is worth it.  Every time.

Several very smart people have written books on this subject that are highly effective.  Karen Ehman being one of them.  After all, great ideas are shared, and if we are truly stumped as to ways to manage what seems impossible, a plethora of resources are available.  Today I simply want to tell you…

You. Can. Do. It.

The mental energies it takes to stop, think, and do reap high rewards.

Start with one.

Perhaps it’s that junk drawer that draws a certain word from your stomach every time you open it.  Perhaps it’s a linen closet that has experienced one too many moments of “stuff and go”(oh wait, that was me).  Perhaps you’re sick and tired of walking in the door and tripping over shoes, and you’ve been meaning to do something about it but the dog is jumping on you, the bags of groceries you are carrying are perhaps one too many, and you hear an ear-piercing scream coming from somewhere in the near distance (oh wait, that was me again).  It happens.  Life happens.  We need to remember to extend ourselves some grace as well.

Start with one.

And do it right then.  Or set aside a few moments before your sit down for the evening and tackle it.  If it requires the use of a container, think about re-purposing something you already own.  And by all means, when you feel bothered enough to do something about it, DON’T LET THE MOMENT PASS!  For instance, when taking a shower today, I noticed the grime.  Why it hadn’t come to my attention earlier, I don’t know exactly, I could list a million reasons, but today I did.  I’ve learned that instead of rolling my eyes, grumbling, and starting on a tirade of all the things that need to be done around here, I start with this one.  And I set my mind to its accomplishment.  I know it will take me “x” number of minutes (not eternity), and I will complete it and I will breathe a sigh of tremendous accomplishment and I will MOVE ON!  I will NOT expect my family to sing my praises and make me breakfast in bed for a week.  I will be thankful that I even HAVE a shower to clean, and I will thoroughly enjoy the labor of my work by rejoicing in the cleanliness… at least for a few days.

Attitude is everything.

Systems work for allowing transitions to take place smoothly, peace to reside, and tasks to be complete so that when seasons change (literally and figuratively), life doesn’t have to fall apart in one big stress ball.

Daily maintenance helps detour disastrous over-hauls.

I spent just a few moments tonight in general pick-up, re-stock, and surface cleaning.  It’s routine now.  In fact, I do some great thinking in the mundane task.  AND, the results lift my spirits.  We can awake to a home ready for the next day’s tasks.

It does take time.  It does take effort.  But I’m telling you, this Martha had learned that focusing on serving my family in ways only the Lord knows about, leaves room for time to soak at His feet, just as Mary did.  Why?  Because the heart in which tasks are accomplished either leaves you bitter or better. Better occurs in following the Spirit’s lead, the place where peace resides.

What is one area in which you have found success in regards to home organization?


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