Stressed-Less Living, it is possible!

Today, I’m super excited, in fact, I’m a little giddy.


I have been given a gift that simply must be shared.  I have been given an on-line friendship with a woman who has been inspiring me daily through her gift of writing.  And when I say gift, I’m talking a double portion.  She is authentic, she is transparent, she has the most beautiful, humble heart, and her faith is as real as it gets.

Her name is Tracie Miles, and God continues to write an amazing story in and about her life.

Tracie is a national conference speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and a monthly contributing writer for the Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragement For Today online email devotions which reach over 500,000 people around the world every day, and are also featured on Crosswalk and Biblegateway.  She is also a contributing writer for the P31 Woman Magazine.After graduating from UNC Charlotte, Tracie spent fifteen years climbing the corporate ladder before having her heart completely transformed at a powerful women’s conference, where she felt God calling her to be a speaker and a writer.

Tracie is actively involved in her church where she has been a member for seventeen years, and served as a leader in women’s ministry for six years before focusing her energies on speaking and writing. In addition to her ministry speaking schedule, Tracie is a Freelance Corporate Trainer for Fortune 500 companies, teaching life management, stress management, leadership, team building and performance improvement skills.

Tracie’s new book Stressed-Less Living: Finding God’s Peace In Your Chaotic World will be released tomorrow, October 2, 2012!

It is a fabulous book!  It is heart-felt, it is empowering, it is practical.  Tracie shares with us truth found in Scripture on how to overcome fear, anxiety, and uncertainty to not only survive stress, but to thrive in faith through the promises of God.

In order to allow us an opportunity to hear straight from her heart, Tracie so kindly took the time to answer a few questions for us today:

1.  Tracie, thanks for meeting with us here today, take us through the moments leading up the time you knew that God was placing this message on your heart?

My pleasure Heather! Seven years ago, after resigning from my corporate job, it took a few months for me to really get my head out of the game, as far as the workplace. I had never been unemployed or a stay at home mom, so it was a huge change in my life. But after a few months of being home, I realized that all the health problems I had been having for a couple years, had basically disappeared. It became blaringly obvious that stress had been damaging my health in many ways, but I never realized it until I was looking back in hindsight. But most importantly, during those few months of being home, all alone with nobody but me and God while my 3 kids were at school all day, I found a peace in God that I never knew was possible. Not because I left a stressful job – because I still had a lot of personal stressors in my life – but because my faith had grown tremendously as I focused on God and devoted my energies to walking down a new path that He was calling me to.  Once I saw how dangerous stress can be to women physically, emotionally and spiritually, God really gave me a passion to share His message of hope that we can overcome our stress in His power, and that peace can be a reality no matter what we are going through – whether it be money, work, family, marriage or parenting.

2.  Did you have any reservations about this message He was asking you to communicate?

My  only reservation was that I felt God nudging me to share some really private feelings and thoughts, and to be totally transparent in some of the stories I share in the book, without dishonoring anyone involved. God has proven Himself faithful in many difficult situations in my life, and I had to learn to trust His nudging, even when it was about something I didn’t want to do.  So I had to pray about sharing those stories in a way that glorifies God, but also maintains respect for the people involved. But I trust that He has a purpose for each story shared in the book.

3.  How did this writing process affect your growth in Christ while in process of this calling?

Sometimes I don’t spend enough time really digging into God’s Word and researching life applicable topics – so writing, whether it be a book or a blog post, motivates me to do that and I always learn so much. I feel a compelling desire to learn everything I can about a verse or a passage that I am studying, so my faith always continues to grow in the process as I see God speaking to me through His Word. The more He speaks, the more motivated I am to dig deeper, and then write about it!

4.  What message(s) do you hope your readers can take with them into their everyday lives?

The core message of my book is that no matter how stressful or difficult a life situation is, we can find peace in God in the midst of it.  My heart breaks for people who don’t know Christ, and face horrible situations and tremendous stress, with no hope to grasp onto.  I just want people to know that Jesus really does care and understand, and that He offers stress relief if we ask for it.

5.  Moving into this season of a book release, what are your hopes and prayers?

My prayer is that God will place this message into the hands of every woman who needs to know that she is not forgotten by God or alone in this world, and that people will begin to see Christ as a legitimate answer to their stress.

6.  How can we pray for you?

Prayers are always appreciated!  For Proverbs 31 as a whole, for me in my ministry and personal life, and for the enemy’s attempts at discouragement to always be thwarted through Gods’ power.

Know that we will be praying Tracie!  Thank you for taking the time to share with us today and more importantly, for obeying God’s calling to write His message.  We are blessed for it!

AND that’s not all…

Tracie is also generously giving away… not 1, not 2, but 7 free gifts for those who purchase a book starting today until October 7th.  These gifts include a 5 session video series, an audio version of a speaking session, and a 50 page companion journal to accompany the book!

Just fabulous!  Don’t wait, jump on this opportunity today!

To get to know more, join her on facebook and twitter.  And don’t forget to share!  Good friends share the best news.  Have a wonderful day!


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