Great perspective today…

Though the girls and I read this morning, I think the Lord had this in mind just for me… and maybe you too.

I know the Lord is always with me.  I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.  Psalm 16:8

Jesus says, I am much more “Real” than this world.  This world – and all the things in it – will someday be gone.  But I am forever.  Once you compare things to forever, it becomes much easier to shake off today’s hurts and disappointments.

Years from now, when your starting your career, it won’t matter that you made a bad grade on a test.  But it will matter that you kept trying.  Twenty or thirty years from now, when you’re playing with your own children, it won’t matter that you didn’t make the team.  But it will matter that you cheered on those who did.  And an eternity from now, nothing from this life will matter – except that you loved Me and loved other people with My Love.

Don’t be shaken by the troubles of this world.  One day they will be gone, and I will take you home with me – forever.

Psalm 89:15-16; 2 Peter 1:2

Perspective is the key to setting our minds to see the best view.  Lord, thank you for the chance to set my sights today through the words of another.  I don’t get it right every day, but today I will attempt to continue to re-set my mind and allow my choices to follow suit.  Thank you for the gift of today.  I’m not promised tomorrow, but I can love those you’ve given me today.  Gracias!


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