Walking in step…

I used to say I wanted to live this way, but I didn’t quite know what that looked like, or more honesty, I wasn’t sure I believed I could.

…. just take the next step.

You see, I have a bit of a “planner” mentality.  I like to have an agenda for the day.  And short of the Rapture, NOTHING with stop me from completing it!  I’m not one that likes to plan for years ahead, much like my fabulous friend Jen, but I do at least like to plan out my week, and keep a calendar full for several months ahead.

This works well for circumstances like… training for a marathon.  One’s gotta have a laser-focused mindset and a plan for that.  But actually how and when those training runs happen can either be dogmatic or flexible as life’s unforseen circumstances arise.

So what does it mean to keep in step with the Spirit? (Galatians 5:25)

What does it mean to simply step into “the next”?

Aaron and I have been saying these such words lately.  In fact, the past two years, as all the kiddos have been in school for a full day, God’s been molding me in this area.  Ever tried to mold a piece of clay?  What if YOU were that piece of clay?  I’m thinking it would be highly uncomfortable at moments to be squeezed, tugged, and pulled.  Yep.  And yet, without that, I wouldn’t have learned some of the greatest lessons that have brought about the greatest freedom.

For example, I went for a run yesterday.  While in obedience, minding my own business, I had a conversation.  Not so much as an audible voice, but more of a thought, a familiar knowing of the source of this thought, I “heard”…

Heather, why don’t you contact your friend who is also in the “waiting” and get together.


Heather, why don’t you contact this other friend and see if she wants to go for a walk.


Heather, why not write about your other friend and share about her business.


One of the most tell-tale words that indicate you have positioned yourself in such a way as to receive a moment to enter into the “next” – an inhibited word that indicates trust, not argument – okay…

And so I did.  And today, I met for breakfast with first said friend.  And, I went for a walk with second said friend.  And I wrote a post last evening about third said friend.

Stepping into the “next”…

Does it always go this smoothly? Obviously no. After all, wasn’t even a thought in my conscience just a few short minutes prior my run.  But there it is – a new day that brings with it, fresh opportunities to make decisions about tons of choices.  All we can do is step in and try, and ask.  In fact, second friend sent me a text:

Heather, I never have time on Thursdays but tomorrow I DO!

See?  Asking and watching God’s plan unfold.

And even more than that, God answered a question my pondering mind wanted to know…

Lord, why am I not teaching just yet?

And perhaps He’s giving me a glimpse….  I would have missed out on the larger picture of His beautiful plan had I gotten what I thought was the best plan in the first place.

Often times we don’t know the answer to, why.  And I’ve learned to say, “that’s okay”.  God graciously listens, but He don’t promise us answers.  Perhaps we wouldn’t even be able to handle to answers, much like a young child asking a Calculus question.  Yet, He doesn’t leave us hanging.  He leaves us with many promises.  And He tell us this,

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “that just doesn’t work for me Heather, you don’t know my tight schedule.”  And I would hear you, and say, “I get it.” And then I would pose a challenge,

Right now, in the middle of your current circumstances, and current routine, how is He asking YOU to take the next step? How are you willing to lay aside your agenda to be willing to side-step into His, trusting His plans are better than the ones you “drew up” for the day?

You might be pleasantly surprised.  I know I have been.  Over and over again.

Will you choose to trust? The choice is yours.  The adventure is yours for the taking.  From one stubborn-headed girl to perhaps another, you will never regret your decision.  Choose well.  And share your “next step” story.  It’s just so encouraging.


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