Sweet Day Bakery

We were blessed with a de-licious treat today!  It was just so kind and thoughtful.  And now I just have to brag on the Lord, because HE orchestrated this…

So last night, I was just “randomly” checking facebook, and just “randomly” came across a post, and just “randomly” liked it.  And a few minutes later I received a message from my friend Jen.

She writes:

hi heather! will you or aaron be around a little after 1:00 tomorrow (weds)? i have a little something i want to drop off to you guys. just let me know!! thanks smile

And I think… no way.  Could it be?  Would she be so kind as to share some of her delectable goodies that I’ve just heard were all the rave? And why?  Just be-cause?

And I think… wow.  I first met Jen when our daughters were attending preschool.  In the small talk, and the shared weekly encounters, we had but a few moments to share our hearts in this brief season of life.  And then, life moved onto a new season.  And I just haven’t “seen” Jen, but through social-media, in a few years.

And she thought of us.

And she wrote a note on top of the box – “To the awesome Conrad family..” ???


And before she even arrived today, a thought popped into my head as I ran… let’s have some FUN in sharing!  Because, hey, cookies are just too darn fun NOT to share. That, and I’m just so darn proud of Jen.  She is embarking on her “marathon” in this business adventure.  I especially love how her sweet husband purchased this darling camper so she could “take it on the road”.  Just awesome!

And so… we’re going to have a contest.  I want to give a way one dozen Sweet Day Bakery’s most fabulously tasting, and darn cute cookies!


I simply want you to write a comment.  And not just any ol’ comment.  I want you to write a Sweet Note.  You heard me, write a sweet note to a loved one, and the more creative the better.  I’m big on encouragement, almost as much as I’m big on cookies.  So once you type your sweetness in the comments, copy and paste it to your favorite somebody on their favorite source – text, message on facebook, direct message on twitter, maybe even a handwritten note (gasp!).

But hurry, contest will end on Friday! Don’t hesitate, write now!

And check back on Friday, it will be a busy day of drawings, from here and here as well.  If you are the lucky winner, I will contact you about your cookies of choice!  Have a sweet evening!


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