Dear God…

Today I was given an assignment in my inbox.  It’s one I’ve been looking forward to this evening, for several reasons.

1.  I get to write this in celebration.  You see, as part of signing up to be a Compassion Blogger, I’ve been privy to information that I would otherwise miss. For instance, so far this month, 837 children now have sponsors!

2.  While this is fantastic news, Compassion still needs 2,271 sponsorships this month to reach their goal.  You can find out more about sponsoring a child with Compassion (HERE).

3.  I have the utmost honor to take a few minutes tonight to write a personal letter to my Jesus.  I encourage you to try this as well.  Whether written or typed, there’s just something about letting your heart speak through the movement of your hands.  AND, it’s written for re-reading another time in the future – priceless.

Dear God,

I just want to thank you.  I thank you for how you lead me and guide me everyday. I thank you for the wisdom you bestow both through life experiences and through the reading of your Word.  I thank you for opportunities you present me with daily.  Lord, continue to show me step by step.  Help me when I begin to doubt or become discouraged as to which direction you are pointing.  I trust you.  I love you.

Lord, thank you for the privilege of meeting people, you’re children, every day.  Each person has a story.  Each person has a journey.  Each person has struggles, and each desires a joy and peace in their life.  Lord, I think of the children you allowed me the privilege of meeting in Honduras.  They know a life very different from mine in the States.  They aren’t presented with a plethora of choices, whether it be food, clothing, or shelter, but what they have been given, they show extreme appreciation.  They have a light and a joy that emanates from their eyes, a joy not attached to anything materialistic.  They know God as their true provider.

Lord, I think of the thousands of other children who do not have access to the choices that my children have.  I have heard stories told of many whose bellies grumble, whose feet are blistered, and who are sick from unclean water.  I’ve heard of a hopelessness that is rampant in the souls of the community at the lack of options available for their existence.  And I think of how little it takes to meet those needs.  And Lord, not just the physical needs, but the deeply cavernous empty cisterns of their spiritual souls.  Do they know you?  Do they know you love them?  Do they know that you sent your son to His death so that they may live?

Lord this is my prayer, that you see fit to connect spiritual families to one another across the world.  I pray that these families may know that your request for a small sharing of the vast resources you provide, does make a difference.  A huge difference.  An eternal difference.  I pray that these impoverished children and their families may receive your gift from someone they may never meet.  I pray they ask questions and they begin to seek the source of Your generosity.  May your blessings be known around the world in a radical way.

I thank you in advance for how you will answer these prayers…

Humbly Yours,



One thought on “Dear God…

  1. Happy Tuesday Heather girl! I’m thanking Him with you right now for His creation, especially the people part of it. It’s amazing and love from His heart when our eyes are opened to see that everyone has a story! Thanks for sharing sister! ~ Blessings from Maine, Amy 🙂

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