Could we be created for something more?

If there is one take-away I would have from my trip to Honduras, it would be this…

No matter where in the world you may go, if you take a moment to glimpse into the eyes of a child, you will see a joy that cannot be explained in terms of what they “have”, but in terms of the joy of simply living.

We aren’t given the choice as to what family we are born into, but we do have the choice to trust in our Almighty Heavenly Father who has an ultimate plan that His sovereignty sees far and above our human limitations.  The choice that we have is to join Him in the bigger picture of all the adventure that a life truly lived in Christ affords.

I have a question for you today:

Would you take a risk and join me in the act of something greater than ourselves?

Perhaps you have heard pleas for “the children” in several different manners before today.  I have also.  Perhaps you have entertained “good intentions” of reaching beyond your means in extending just a bit to the life of another child that lives hundreds of miles away, yet it just hasn’t happened for one reason or another.  Well, perhaps today is the day.  Through Compassion International, my hope for you today is to ponder three options.  Would you consider…

1.  Click here and simply look.  Pray over the children. Pray for sponsorship, pray for them to know Jesus, pray for God to protect them, pray for God to reveal his provision for them in a real way, pray for healing.

2.  Click here and checkout the Sponsor a Child page.  Simply spend time asking God to reveal His heart for the poor.  What is within our grasp so easily here in the States, is not even an option for many children and their families in other countries.

3.  Click here and create a learning opportunity with those around you.  Perhaps you have children in your home, or even special young family members.  What a wonderful chance to inspire our young ones by sitting down with them to view these pages.  I can imagine the heart-felt, character-building discussions that could take place as together you learn about other children around the world.

Compassion International has set a tremendous goal of changing the lives of 3,108 precious children in 30 days during the month of September.  I believe that a God-sized goal has a God-sized reach!  Think about the opportunity we have to help one child.  One life.  One lost sheep.  One sheep brought into the fold to meet our Heavenly Shepherd for the rest of eternity!  No price tag can be placed on that.  After all, that one lost sheep used to be me.  It used to be you.  In my opinion, it’s the least we can do.

Enjoy your adventure!


One thought on “Could we be created for something more?

  1. I just revel in this amazing experience you were able to have Heather! And our little Compassion boy is Julio… he lives with his family in Peru. It’s so exciting to be a small part of caring for the least of these. We’re BLESSED! Thank you for sharing girl! ~ Amy 🙂

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