30 Days of Prayer

Social media and the tools afforded to us by super-smart people, fascinates me more and more every day.

This concept is due, in large part, to the men in my life.  Both my husband and my son simply love it and get it.  I, on the other hand, have grabbed onto it simply because of proximity.  I may not know how to accomplish something, but they do.  It works well, I’m ignorant, they’re not.  I ask, then I receive.  It’s a nice system I must admit.  I have live-in techies.

All that said.  I wanted to simply share about an “idea” my husband had not too long ago.  Now, if you know my husband, you know he is one with “lots of ideas”.  I love that about him, and I’ve learned to love that about him all at the same time.  He’s helped me see the benefits of stepping into an opportunity and allowing the results to fall where they may.

His idea – inspiring others to join him in reciting one prayer, every day, for 30 days straight.

That’s it.  Takes but a few moments each day.  It’s the same prayer.  Prayed either out loud of inwardly.

One focus.  One opportunity for redirection.  One mindset.

And the outreach has been tremendous.

Are you curious?  Would you like to join the community?  You are welcome at any time!!

For more information, simply click here.  To get a glimpse of the community click here.  To follow on twitter use – #30DaysPrayer. There is also a button to the right #30 Days Prayer that will direct you as well.

We’ve been simply touched by the way this prayer is transforming lives.  Join us!  And don’t forget to share!


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