When something shatters…

Life provides a ton of material to write about. And reflect on.

Truly.  Watch for it, and you’ll start to take notice.

For instance, I took the last bit of jelly for lunch today.  Later on, while preparing dinner, I noticed that the last sandwich baggie was used.  So, down to the basement I went to retrieve a simple jar of jelly and another box of baggies (I like to keep a few things in stock when I can).

Now, I’m not sure about you, but while I’m “doing” seemingly brainless activities, my mind is thinking of a million-and-one other things.  I can’t say that I can recall them at this moment, but it could have ranged anywhere from, “did I turn the oven on?” to “the square root of 49 is 7, right”.  I know.  I’ve heard it said that men have a “nothing” box.  It’s hard to believe that’s true, but oh how I would pay good money some days to experience a “nothing” box, just for a few moments.

Anyhoo. Jelly jar.  Right.  Now, I’m a Sam’s club shopper.  If it’s an item we use frequently, and it’s a good deal, I will buy in bulk.  Said jelly jar – comes in a pack of two.  So.  One needs to remove said wrapping in order to use just the one.  And… you know where this is going, right?

In the process of removing the wrapping while thinking of a million-things-under-the-sun all at the same time, in one split second, jar slips from hand, falls, and makes the sound that eerily symbolizes the same sound that shatters your heartbeat for one split second.  Without even looking, you know instantly what your eyes will see.  And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Now.  My first thought was to see if I could salvage it, but alas, glass was throughout.  You might thing, big deal, it’s just a jelly jar.  And I would agree.  However, my perspective is a bit heightened because of current circumstances.  We’re into “saving” money now, not just literally dropping money in a trash can after cleaning up broken glass!  I tend to be very good at one particular thing – that would be berating myself for stupid mistakes (and yes I just said stupid).  However, grace brings about much better results.  So, I simply decided to do the next thing and just clean it up.

I decided to assess the damage, and much to my sheer delight, the mess was contained on one foam square padding that is just so happened to have landed on.  Score!  So, I simply picked up the square, walked it outside, placed the items in a bag, then the trash, and hosed off the square. Done.  Move on.  Right?  Well…. I had to tell SOMEBODY.  Okay.  I told every member of my household family.

In fact, my daughter was at gymnastics when the event occurred.  After picking her up from practice later in the evening, I announced the most fabulous news to the whole van – Emma does not need a new leotard and warm up for this year!!  They will be using the same ones from last year!!  Okay, this is great news to me because once again – GOD HAS PROVIDED.  This is a savings of around $400.

And from the way back seat, I hear Austin say, “Now you can go buy more jelly!”

And we laughed.

And that’s life.

And God provides in abundance.

Acts 14:17  … he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy.”


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