365 times is a lot…


He says it about 365 times in the Bible, Do not be Afraid — one assurance for every day — so we believe and obey, and the rock solid truth He won’t ever leave or forsake, and there isn’t a thing in this world that can ever separate us from the love of Christ.



And these 10 Things to Know about Fear:

1. Don’t fear failing.Fear not obeying.

2. Fear is a fraud.

Nowhere on earth is beyond the reach of God.

3. All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends.

4. Your fears don’t decide your fate — your fears destroy your faith.

5. We must do that which we know we cannot — to prove that it’s our God who cannot fail.
Our God appoints those who will disappointto point to a God who never disappoints.

5. Everything your Father has for you — is over the fence of fear.

6. Travel in the direction of your fears — to let God direct your life.

7. Fear doesn’t stop the really bad things as much as it stops you from really living.

8. It’s impossible to simultaneously feel fear — and give thanks.

9. Fear is always the flee ahead. God is I AM and His presence fills the present moment.

Just. Rest. in. Him. in. This. Moment.

10. Do not feed the ducks, or the bears, or the fears. Feed your soul — on the Word that is the Bread of Life.

Amazing words by Ann Voscamp.  If you don’t “know” her, you should.

Click here, and just soak.  She exudes God, from every pore.


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