A place for everyone – Honduras 2012

In the previous post, I mentioned a community that is developing in Choluteca, Honduras named Casa Hogar Vida.  Not only are homes  being built, but several others community needs are being built as well.  Along with the brick-making factory, they also produce and bag coffee, there is a gentleman that is raising chickens, a woman opened her home to sell her beautiful hand-made jewelry, purses, and bags, and they have building materials on site to cultivate and retrieve with an ATV (no power-steering, ahem).

Along with these opportunities for work and trade, they are in the process of building a beautiful complex for missionary teams to reside in while visiting with their teams.  It’s a well though out, beautifully designed building complete with several bedrooms, each with a bathroom, and patio attached in which to sneak away for some pride “mountaintop” time with Lord.  Their is a cooking and dining area in which meals can be prepared, a laundry facility, and a beautiful garden oasis open to sky within the heart of the building.  Their is a rooftop area overlooking the community, dropped in the beautiful setting of surrounding mountains.

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Outside the facility is a garden, and also a building that houses it’s own water filtration system!  No need to brush your teeth with bottled water!  To describe the feeling of this place, I listened to those around me use words I was thinking a well – a sense of love, peace, joy, awe.  Truly, teams that will come in the future will not only be able to stay right in the community they are serving, but they are invited to meet with the God who drew them here to His people in the first place.  The God who wants to meet missionaries right where they are as well, in the midst of our brokenness.

To do just a small part in making this dream a reality was nothing but a privilege.  We pulled some weeds from the garden, center patio and exterior room patios, we took breaks, drank water, and shared life.  We bonded as sweat ran.  And it was beautiful.  I found myself praying over each room in thinking of the teams yet to come.  And I cried.

Another part of this community is the orphanage.  They currently house 6 orphans in a beautiful, simple home within a large fenced in area.  Here we interacted with 2 twin boys whose mother died of Aids, and several beautiful girls who loved to sing.  They have a woman who also lives with them and cares for their needs.  A large field resides adjacent to their home, and while touring the Missionary facility we watched them play together from our rooftop view, laughing and running while a gentle breeze blew — such a picture of God’s love, mind you, in a land that was desolate just 5 years prior.

They continue to dream big for the orphanage as the need is great.  This home is named for a fruit of the spirit – Casa Amor love), each home built will be named for a fruit accordingly.  I had to chuckle as Frank told us that patience and self-control might be saved for last.  Chuckling.  In the midst of great need.  In a city of suffering.  Here we sat surrounded by youth, sensing love and peace, laughing.  That’s MY God.

Their future dreams for this community also include a medical facility, a place where ESL can be taught (English as a Second Language), and a computer lab for training and access as well.  They wait on God’s timing as He provides the resources and the labor and they continue to, above all else, to pray that God may drawn their fellow countrymen unto Himself, that they may know life and know it to the full.

John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Challenge:  How may God be drawing you to partner with Him in serving those of your community?


2 thoughts on “A place for everyone – Honduras 2012

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  2. Heather, These posts you’re doing on your trip remind me so much of my trip to Guatemala last year! What an eye opening experience. And more than that, it’s heart opening. May God continue to open us up sister… ~ Blessings, Amy 🙂

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