I’ll Follow You…

I’ve had a chance to run this week.  Every day. And every day, I’ve heard a song that hits a resonating cord in such a new way for me.  It’s a song by the band Leeland.  It’s powerful.  It’s timely.  I’ll be listening to it tomorrow on the plane.

You lived among the least of these
The weary and the weak
And it would be a tragedy for me to turn away.

All my needs you have supplied.
When I was dead you gave me life.
How could I not give it away so freely?

And I’ll follow you into the homes that are broken.
Follow you into the world.
Meet the needs for the poor and the needy God.
Follow you into the World.

Use my hands, use my feet
To make your kingdom come
Through the corners of the earth
Until your work is done
‘Cause Faith without works is dead
And on the cross your blood was she’d
So how could I not give it away so freely?

And I’ll follow you into the homes that are broken.
Follow you into the world.
Meet the needs for the poor and the needy God.
Follow you into the World.

You see, tomorrow is a big date on the calendar for me.  Not only does it represent an opportunity for Kingdom work in a different country, but it marks the day, 6 years ago when I said yes to His nudge to start running.  I love what Roy Lessin wrote in his devotional today:

God works and we work, but God must work first. Our work is to respond to His working. The work we do in the Kingdom is the result of His working in us. Our work comes from Him, our work is done through Him, and our work is done for Him.

Regarding Paul’s work in the Kingdom he tells us, “But whatever I am now, it is all because God poured out His special favor on me—and not without results. For I have worked harder than any of the other apostles; yet it was not I but God who was working through me by His grace. 1 Corinthians 15:10.”

Kingdom work can be viewed in three different ways:

The first way is “Work.” Work with a bold capital “W” represents God’s working out His will according to His plan and purpose. God’s plan for us includes what He wants us to do through our obedience. God’s purpose for us includes what He desires to accomplish through our obedience.

The second way is “WORK.” Work with all caps represents our self-effort in the Kingdom as we try and serve the Lord in our strength. This type of work is hard, tiring, frustrating, and discouraging. We strive and work hard but see very little fruit.

The third way is “work” with a lowercase “w.” This represents our co-working with the Lord. He is the capital “W” and we are the lowercase “w.” This is work that flows out of grace. As co-workers in the Kingdom we take upon us the yoke of Jesus as we yield fully to Him. His is the easy yoke that brings our spirits rest, produces fruit, and glorifies the Father.

I’m excited.  I count it a privilege to learn more about my God and His unbreakable love for His children.  I’m thankful.  I’m thankful to me a part of an encouraging, supportive marriage.  I’m privileged to share life with a best friend.  Tomorrow marks the day he was born.  A day that is infamous in my book.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount about love from this man.  He does complete me.  I’m so thankful for the home He has given to return to in 9 days.

My last thoughts today run to those who have sacrificed financially to allow this trip to even happen.  May the Lord bless you in a tremendous way this week.  Enjoy your evening, go team USA!!


One thought on “I’ll Follow You…

  1. Happy trails to you Heather! What a heart you have… thinking of you and your family as you travel! May God bless this experience in a big way! Praise Him! ~ Blessings out, Amy 🙂

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