Total Trust

But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” Psalm 31:14 NKJV

In our relationship with the Lord, our trust in Him is vital to spiritual growth, health, and vitality. We cannot walk with the Lord in light and in truth unless we trust Him. To put our trust in the Lord means that we entrust our present lives into His hands and our future to His keeping.

Commitment is a key element of trust. When there is mistrust, doubt, or fear we will hold back and keep our distance. Without total trust in the Lord we will not depend upon the Lord, but instead, we will begin to depend upon other things, other resources, or other people.

What does it mean to put our total trust in the Lord?

Total trust in the Lord is a consistent trust (Psalm 34:1).
Since we don’t have a part-time God, we can have a full-time trust.

Total trust in the Lord is a complete trust (Proverbs 3:5).
Total trust keeps us from half-hearted living.

Total trust in the Lord is a confident trust (Psalm 9:12).
When we trust in the Lord we do not need to second-guess the Lord.

Total trust in the Lord is a contented trust (Psalm 5:11).
A trusting heart is the gateway to a joyful life.

Total trust in the Lord is a comforting trust (Psalm 36:1)
Trust quiets the soul and keeps it from seeking shelter in places outside of the Lord’s covering.

Total trust in the Lord is a conquering trust (Psalm 18:2)
The victory of the Lord is the certainty and security of every trusting heart.

Remember, trust doesn’t guess, it knows; it doesn’t wish, it believes; it doesn’t panic, it rests; it doesn’t flee, it abides; it doesn’t despair, it hopes; it doesn’t retreat, it stands.

I’m thinking of this as I prepare to obey Him and go. To Honduras. And see. And live.

Sometimes He asks us to go.  Sometimes our mission field is within our own homes and the surrounding neighborhoods.

How can we trust today?


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