Just walk…

Walk according to the Spirit, in righteousness, peace, and joy.  Romans 8:1

Walk in the light of the Lord, free from all darkness—Isaiah 2:5
Walk on the highway of holiness, as one who has been redeemed—Isaiah 35:8-9
Walk without fainting, renewed in the strength of the Lord—Isaiah 40:31
Walk victorious through testing, knowing God will bring you through—Isaiah 43:2
Walk in the old paths, in the ways established by the Lord—Jeremiah 6:16
Walk humbly, daily realizing how much you need Him—Micah 6:8
Walk in newness of life, free from sin and selfishness—Romans 6:4
Walk according to the Spirit, in righteousness, peace, and joy—Romans 8:1
Walk properly, as children of the day—Romans 13:13
Walk in the steps of faith, confident of the Lord’s promises—2 Corinthians 5:7
Walk in good works, according to the things God has prepared—Ephesians 2:10
Walk worthy of your calling, seeking God’s approval—Ephesians 4:1
Walk in love, knowing the heart of God toward others— Ephesians 5:2
Walk purposefully, having your wits about you—Ephesians 5:15
Walk to please God, seeking to hear His “well done.”—1 Thessalonians  4:1
Walk orderly, doing your work as unto the Lord—2 Thessalonians 3:11
Walk as Jesus walked, letting Him live His life through you—1 John 2:6

Soon and very soon, I will walk.  Walk, in fact, on Honduran soil.

As I began to gather supplies today, I prayed…

Lord, your will be done. Amen.

With a humble heart in sharing this journey with you, I plan to give a weekly update leading up to July 28th (t-minus 20 days and counting!)

While there, my hope is to journal.

Upon returning, my prayer is to humbly share.

May God’s people be blessed.  Enjoy a wonderful Sunday with Him!


3 thoughts on “Just walk…

  1. Hi Heather!
    It looks like a missions trip is on your horizon! Many blessings sister… thanks for sharing the side by side verses and direction. God is GOOD! ~ Blessings, Amy Alves

  2. Such an encouraging post that I plan to spend time going through each verse. Much needed right now. Thank you!!

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