One step at a time…

Been thinking about this concept in so many ways.

Life lived one step at a time.

We should be sure that each step we take leaves a footprint we want others to follow—Psalm 17:5

God orders our steps so that every step we take will be one that is pleasing to Him—Psalm 37:23

God’s word keeps us from taking a step on slippery ground—Psalm 37:31

Each step of obedience moves us into God’s prepared place—Psalm 40:2

We need to keep alert and follow the road signs that point our steps in the right direction—Psalm 119:133

Steps ordered by wisdom will keep us from sounding the distress signal—Proverbs 4:11-12

We don’t have to rush our steps. It is wise for us to consider and carefully weigh each step we take in the light of God’s word—Proverbs 14:15

Our steps can be clear and confident when we know they have been guided by
God’s wise direction—Proverbs 16:9

We are not asked to take big steps or small steps, but we are asked to make every step a step of faith—Romans 4:12

There is only one place we need to place our next foot step, and that is in the most recent footprint of Jesus—1 Peter 2:21


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