Happy Father’s Day Aaron!

Happy Father’s Day!

I enjoy celebrating this day almost as much as Christmas!  Why?  Fathers not only give life, they breathe life.  God designed them to be the leaders of our homes.  They provide in numerous ways, but most of all, they model how to love.  And I, for one, am one blessed wife.

So, today Aaron, in lieu of a store-bought card, I wanted to tell the world (or at least one person 🙂 why I am so thankful for the way you lead our home and our children!

1.  You bring laughter.  Every day.  Whether it’s a story, an imitation, a movie line, or a music lyric, the children are so enriched by the joy of life you bring.

2.  You bring music.  Every day.  If you’re home, there’s a tune on.  And I love that.  And they love that.  Especially a certain son of ours.

3.  You bring consistency.  You back me up.  We parent as a unit.  We talk at night what we see, what we’ve heard, how the Lord wants to use us to help guide them to Him.  I love that.

4.  You follow Jesus.  In so many ways.  He is you guide.  And it makes all the difference in the world.  And the kids see.

5.  You love their mother.  You support her in demanding their respect and in obeying her words.  You step in and lead when needed, and come alongside in unity and teamwork when an added touch of love is required.  You model hugs, kisses, and gift giving.  Basically, you rock!

6.  Just because 5 isn’t enough, #6 is love.  You exude it.  It seeps from your pours.  You not only love your family by following through in action of your priority of us over work, but you love others, sincerely and deeply.  It shows.  The children see.

But hey, don’t take my word for it, take the words right from their mouths:

Why is Daddy such a good Daddy?

Brynn – Because I love him.  He gives me hugs.

Emma – Because he cares so much… and he hugs me.

Austin – Because he comes to all my sports games and practices.

I always enjoy seeing their love languages expressed in words 🙂

Happy Father’s Day Aaron!  We love you bunches!


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Aaron!

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