What is that smell?

Prayer.  Scent.  How do these two words go hand in hand?

So glad you asked!

I want to introduce you to my fabulously talented friend, Rachel!

She has carefully crafted an ebook that first began as an act of obedience as the Lord asked her to both research and host a summer bible study.  From there, she began to write thoughts of our group into the format of blog posts.  She compiled it even further as the Lord prompted her to present it to her Pastor, and finally, the Lord gave her this task while running one afternoon… for Him.

There is great word teaching.

There are some new “peeks” into the life of a Biblical character by the name of Hannah.

There are word pictures that play out as a movie in the screen of our minds.

There are personal stories.

There is great reflection and personal application implied.

In short, it’s fabulous.  You will thoroughly enjoy this time as you and the Lord reflect together through the penmanship of this wonderful servant of His.

If you are scared about the whole ebook thing, don’t be.  Click here to read how it can be yours!


with one more click (this time, my comment button), you will be entered to win a copy for FREE.

Yep, free.  Just give me a quick thought about what interests you in regards to this topic.  Thanks for taking the time, you will be blessed!  Contest will close this Friday.

Have a fabulously fragrant day!


AND THE WINNER IS….  Carol Yoder!!!

Congratulations Carol, you will be receiving an email shortly!  For those of you interested, I highly encourage you to click on the link above to purchase this fabulous ebook for only $2.99!  Enjoy your day!


7 thoughts on “What is that smell?

  1. I am really interested in this, too. Never even thought about prayer and scent together. Would love to read this book to find out!

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  3. I see what she meant. I’d like to see how she ties this story to others. Smell is a strong way to the memory banks…..

  4. Hi Heather, What a fantastic book it is too! I’m almost done with it. It’s a beautiful, flowing read from a strong woman of God! ~ Blessings, Amy

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