The ache of a mother’s heart…


Today was an important day.  We’d been anticipating today.  We weren’t exactly sure what news we’d receive, but we prayed for the best case scenario, all the while acknowledging our hands were palms up, in evidence to His will being done.

X-ray showed great evidence of healing, cast came off!

She is now fitted with a bionic brace, as I like to call it.  This gadget has dials on the sides to aid with bending and comes with handy snap-clip buckles.  Duration – two weeks.  After that, therapy.

That was the physical diagnosis, but I watched another side of my child today.  A side that involved her heart and her head. Not only did I “see” evidence of growth, but actually saw a bloom, right in front of my human eyes.

The doctor reported her projected next few weeks, she nodded, she let a few tears fall, she wiped them, and then she looked at me.  Without any words spoken, I knew.  She had made peace with His plan.  She was holding out hope of competing in her State Meet to her Jesus.  She had decided to walk this thing out with Him, one step at a time. Literally.

Such maturity.

Such an example of God’s Almighty, unfathomable strength.

And my heart ached.

It ached for the time she has “lost”.

It ached for her pain in which I was powerless to take away.

It ached for her unanswered questions as to why she has been “sidelined”.

It ached with pride over her choices to handle this with such grace.

It ached for the love I have for her, and the unbelievable love extended to her by her Jesus.

She will heal.

She will compete again.

In due time.

Until then, it’s life, one step at a time.


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