Just leave it be.

Had a thought while running today…

Colder weather leaves the skin a bit dry.  In the case today, my upper lip was in bad need of some chapstick.  Without any nearby, human instincts takes over.  In fact, the next thought was of the words I spoke to my daughter just a few hours prior,

Do not lick your lips.  Leave them be!

We KNOW that it will make this worse, but we do it anyway.  Perhaps temporary relief, even if for a moment.

Got me to thinkin…

Where else in my life do these words apply?

Might as well just have poked myself smack tab in the middle of my forehead.


I’ve been battling lately.  It’s a battle that’s gone to war several times in my life.  It takes on two extremes in my life.  It’s either all I can think about, or something I don’t think about at all.  Either way, not so good.

Bottom line… just leave it be.

You see, the more I think about it, the more I can’t NOT not think about it.  It infiltrates, it marinates, it consumes, it can control if not fought against.  “It” becomes something it was never meant to be… in my mind.  Basically, these words spewed from my mouth towards my children, yet were meant for me…

Is it really that big of a deal?

Often times not.  So.  Get busy.  Busy doing the next thing.  Busy filling my thoughts with words from Him or of Him through others.  Busy serving others. Busy craving more of Him, filling with Him, not items of this world.  They will never satisfy.  I taunt myself with words that they will, but, they won’t. Real truth doesn’t change, ever.

It changes my perspective.  It changes my life.  One decision at a time.  Thoughts of condemnation turn to thoughts of truth. Thoughts of life.

What are you filling your mind, soul, & body with today?

May I humbly suggest this fabulous book, by speaker and author Lysa TerKeurst, called Made to Crave.  Also, Lysa is hosting a free webcast this coming Monday, Jan. 9th at 8pm!  Put it on your calendar, you don’t want to miss!  It is THAT good.



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