What is YOUR story?

What if I asked you to tell me your story?  What would you say?  Perhaps many words, perhaps a few, maybe you would be hesitant, maybe you have been dying for someone to ask?

I recently finished a fabulous book in which the author challenged me to think about not only what I would include, but how I would share it.  You see, for such a long while, I never thought I had a story worth sharing.  The fact of the matter was, I didn’t have much I could claim as my own TO share. I spent many years of my life changing my stripes, morphing into what I thought people needed me to be.  Much like a chameleon, I mastered the art of blending into the scenery, so much so, that I lost any sense of who God created me to be.

In this fantastic book, Lisa Whittle shares straight from raw and wounded heart in such a God-honoring way that as a reader, you can’t help but dare to take a gander at what she terms, “the holes” in our lives.  Through her desire for authenticity, Lisa gives the reader the gift of going second.  In other words, she creates a safe place to risk it all by holding up a mirror in order to cast light onto the dark places of our soul.  The sole purpose of this endeavor is to allow sight into our deepest cravings –  to become whole.

Will you follow me in joining with several others, not only in reading about this journey through her words, but in the words of others as well?  She shares the first “story over” on her blog today.  She writes,

*Join me every Wednesday in December, as we uncover the unknown stories behind some of those in the community of this blog, starting this Wednesday, December 7. May we gain courage, hope, and inspiration from the journey of another.

This story is one I know very well.  It’s one of brokeness, healing, dying, and living.  It’s a story that continues with freedom found in truth.

What is YOUR story?



One thought on “What is YOUR story?

  1. Oh my you sound like me.Held captive by fear,anger,mistrust of most people.Love God but realizing how well do I know Him?If I want to known God read His Word.Want my mind renewed read His word.I am not whole,many deep wounds.Tried of living on the outside dead on the inside.I join you on this journey I look forward to the ride.

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