Fabulous Fiction

When was the last time you read a good fiction book?  Perhaps it’s been awhile?  It’s usually not the first genre I pick up, but every once in a while, it does a heart and mind some good.  Ever find that in reading about characters, it prompts reflection on your own life, either past, present, or future?

Well, let me introduce you to Mary DeMuth, author extraordinaire.  I met Mary at a conference a few years ago.  What I remember about our encounter was her smile.  I remember her kind and gracious attitude as I approached the table and she extended me a book, titled Daisy Chain. I smiled back, graciously accepted, and said goodbye.

It’s so interesting what sticks in our minds isn’t it?  This encounter was special.  Why? Because I believe that the same Spirit I saw through Mary’s smile, it the same Spirit that resides through the words of her writing.  Real. Raw. Truth. Beauty. Healing.

What I believe has been birthed from the author’s life of seeking, searching, and finding, this book makes its mark, artistically crafted, painstakingly laid out on the pages as told through the characters of the story.  In this book, Willa is searching for the missing memories lost in her childhood.  She comes face to face with the pain of not knowing, and the pain that comes from knowing.  Will she continue this pursuit at the risk of losing relationships in the wake of secret’s destruction?  Will she dare to believe in a God that loves her when He seems so silent?

What I have deliciously reveled in (even at 1 am!), not only is the mystery and intrigue of what is yet to come, but the “knowing” of someone else’s story (even a ficticious one!).  I gained a sense of belonging to the story as well, in a sense, as the listener.  I found myself wanting to add to the conversations, trying to predict what would happen, and enduring pleasant surprise when I was wrong.  In “listening” to the characters, I found myself reflecting on how I would respond if the shoes were mine, and even processing through learning to accept a perspective other than mine.  I learned, I grew.  I now have a more empathetic view of others in similar situations.  I can say my perspective of living a life pursuing God in “the hard” has expanded.

I’m so appreciative for the opportunity this book has given me.  I highly recommend grabbing this up, especially for the reader seeking healing in his or her life. You won’t regret a minute you’ve set aside to grow.  I give it 5 out of 5.

In fact, I would love to pass this book along to you. I realize that the desire to be wise with our resources  in important.  If this is a factor that affects you today, leave me a comment.  It would give me great pleasure to put this in  your hands, and heart.

Humbly His.


7 thoughts on “Fabulous Fiction

  1. I am a military wife of 26 years mother of 7 and grandmother of 10 things are always tight but God is my provider. I would love the chance to read this book. God bless

  2. Beautifully and honestly said……. this book made me want to know the characters personally. I felt like I really did know them. It also brought healing and reflection in the holes of my life.

    • I know exactly what you mean, such a gift to experience that. When you mentioned “holes” it brought to mind another book I just finished, fantastic read called {w}hole by Lisa Whittle. If you can get your hands on it,do it! Very raw, real look at our holes and in how only Jesus can make us whole. God bless!

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