Perhaps you see the word rest today, and you have visions of this far-away, heavenly concept of being able to lay your head down on a luxuriously comfortable pillow in the middle of the day. Is this a far, far away concept for you?

From one who’s a do-er, not always a be-ing, I get ya.  I was challenged this week as I listened and discussed this concept of rest during Bible study. I came upon this statement,

God’s intent is for us to rest from anything that distracts us from Christ and His work.

Yowzers!  Really?  I can rattle off just a few that would make this list in my life.  Perhaps there’s something to this thing of exhaustion that drags me to bed, and leaves me with restless sleep.  Do I get distracted from Christ and His work?

In taking a little closer look, the book of Hebrews describes the mission of God’s Son and His glorious purpose to reconcile us to God.  This calls for a genuine belief and rest from self-effort.  Rest for us, in God’s purpose, is fulfillment of all that He created you to be and do in the atmosphere of relationship with Him.  It is unhindered productivity and satisfaction.  It is the end of self-effort and self-focus.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  Matthew 11:28-29

Rest in this context simply means to follow His lead.  Often we this of resting as passive, in this case, it’s actually active.  Life, as stated here, can be in rest, or restful, when we walk alongside His Presence, learning as we go.

Have you had moments in your life that are chaotic, yet in your soul, you have rest, even peace?  Could it be that in these moments, you were following His lead, obeying His ways, void of anxiety and worry?  I tell you, it’s a marvelous place to be.  I have a marker in my life just this past week that I will remember as His time of faithfulness in my life.

He offers us the gift of rest everyday.  If need be, He makes us lie down in green pastures, for our sake.  If we dare to step aside, trust His ways over ours, we can and will find rest amongst the daily calls and needs.

But wait, there’s even a bonus, yes, a bonus!  We can release our sense of entitlement!  Can I get an Amen?!  We do not have to strut around as though rest is OWED to us, as if we deserve it or something.  I tell you what, I deserve nothing.  Not a thing.  From this vantage point, everything I have is a gift.  I can walk forward in simply tackling “the next”, and by the end of the day, I can rest in knowing it was His perfect plan.  If it was a productive day, He gave that to me.  If it was a day to step aside from tasks, delve into relationships, or even rest my body, it was a perfect day because He gave it to me.  This, my friends, is freedom. Have you tasted this?  Do you believe it to be possible, maybe even true?  From one humble, simple Mom, I wouldn’t live any other way.  I’ve had the insanely hectic self-centered way.  I’ll take His.  For the rest of my life.  Thank you very much.

What are your thoughts?


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