Angels with mops

We were given a gift this past week.  A much appreciated gift indeed.  It was a gift of service.  A service in which we typically choose to do ourselves.  Thus, all the more reason why this gift could be appreciated for the work entailed, not just the monetary donation.  After 4 1/2 hours of hard labor, we were given the precious gift of a sparkling clean house.  Hallelujah!

A young man and young woman entered our house, and while they were working, I took notice of a few things.  First off, they never stopped.  Secondly, they took pride in their work.  I’m telling you, my toilet paper rolls were tenderly fashioned into a flower on the top!  Thirdly, they begged for no affirmations, they just served.

As they continued to work, I could tell the young lady was tired and a bit run down.  My heart just wanted to hug her.  They worked steadily through the dinner hour, no breaks taken.  I offered them bottled water, what I wanted to offer them was a meal.  Just, a warm meal, the least that I could do.  I’ve never had this service before, what is protocol?  I have people in my house, how can I NOT offer the simple things?

As I watched the young lady sit on my floor and tenderly wipe out my mantle candlestick holders, I wondered about her life.  Does she have a family.  Is she working painstaking hard on my dust just to provide?  I wanted her to stop.  I wanted just to ask questions, to listen, to pour forth words of encouragement, love and appreciation.  I didn’t know how.  We speak different languages.

As I talked with the Lord about this matter, words came to mind… love is universal Heather, just love.

Though it was little, I extended what I could – eye contact, a hand shake, a bottle of water, a word of gratitude spoken in her language.  I wanted her to know she is valuable, she is special, she is in fact cherished, she is loved – not for what she did, but simply for who she is.  The eyes of Jesus are just so tender. His love is remarkable.  How much more so does He want us to know this love, even just a glimpse…

I pray with all my heart she may know.  I will probably never see this young woman again, but my heart is connected to hers.  I will be praying, as often as she comes to mind.

Who will you be praying for this season?  Jesus was born to die for us all.  For this, I am thankful for today.


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