Leaving a legacy…


The two beautiful ladies you see pictured here are my Grandma Heinz and my Grandma Anderson.  They are age 80 and 83 respectively.  These two wonderful ladies nurtured, cared, and loved their children, my Mom and Dad.  In fact, each of these ladies, raised 4 children each, and in turn, are the precious Grandmas of 24, Great-Grandmas of 28 and counting. We gathered together yesterday in celebration of the soon-to-be birth of Great-Grandchild number 28.  In two words – simply spectacular.

I’ve been reflecting on things that are so easily taken for granted in my life.  Saturday was simply a reminder that though we are a family with numerous imperfect-people stories to share, we are in deed, family.  We support one another with our time, our resources, and our love.  In an age where families members can be spread all around the world, we were able to gather together, for such a time as this, in celebration of new life.  New life. Nothing but a gift.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes.  Some come wrapped in beautiful bows and wrapping, others come only wrapped in hugs.  Either way, a gift can only be opened if it is received.  I believe the same is true in respect to the promises of Christ.  This verse had me going today…

But the scriptures declare that we are all prisoners of sin, so we receive God’s promise of freedom only by believing in Jesus Christ.   Galatians 3:22

Believing. Only by believing.  We receive freedom, only by believing.  Receiving, as in accepting this gift.  Not because we have earned it, or even deserve it, but that He alone gives it.  Too simply you may say?  Whoever said it needed to be complicated.  It takes faith to believe.  It is by this faith, through, His grace, that we are saved. Simple.

What gift is He asking you to receive today?


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