Thinking of Christmas…

I know, I know… in fact, it wan’t until the other day that I had the thought,

I haven’t even given the Chritimas list so much as a half-a-moments-thought!  And, I’m still not ready yet.

It happens.  Some years I find myself searching, thinking, and planning earlier than others. Each year finds us with funds of various rates, ideas of different shapes and sizes, and children whose ages gain in momentum.

All that said, I do believe I now know the reason to have had a delayed Chirstmas-shopping-spirit.  Nope, not the weather.  Nope, not the business of life.  Nope, not the hassle of thinking, finding, shopping, and wrapping.

God literally dropped my Chistmas shopping list right in my lap.  It’s perfect.  You see, not only does this gift come in the perfect shape, size, and color for a variety of family members, it will bless others… tenfold.


I was too.  Without further adieu, hop on over to my husband’s blog.  He has all the 4-1-1.  And he’s a much better writer than I…

In all due honor of not rushing things, Happy Halloween!




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