The BIG reveal…

My youngest and I have been tackling a new project – tranforming a little girl room to a big girl room.  She had an idea, I moved around options in my vision… and we shopped.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this adventure together.  I don’t spend gobs of time in re-thinking room decor, but pair by visual bent with the heart of one of my children – watch out – we’re in go mode.

I could go on about the amazing deals we found (because there were many), I could go on about answers to prayer and His provision in providing those answers (because there were many), I could go on about the trials and errors in painting and installation (because there were many), but ultimately this was a great adventure in following God’s time table.  There were moments of waiting, and then the right item was available, there were moments of setting aside the project when the day called for an unexpected event, there were times of adjusting plans, and ultimately, energy was supplied to accomplish the task in light of a new family adventure.

It’s been a learning journey, it’s been fun.  A memorable moment arrived when eating breakfast that morning, and unprompted, my daughter thanks me.  Gratitude from a genuine heart.  Patience brought with it great rewards.  The space fits her.  This space is one that she’s left her fingerprints on.  This room will house many memories.  This room contains her heart.  I am eternally grateful for this gift of my youngest.  At times I forget to celebrate life.  Today is not one of those days.

Brynn, Mommy celebrates you today!  Thank you in advance for the adventure of being your Mom!


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