An opportunity to say yes

5 days ago I had an activity on my calendar.  It had a time and a friend’s name.  I had an opportunity to help.  I had the privilege of saying yes.  In saying yes to this activity, God provided another opportunity.  After sharing this opportunity with my husband over the phone, our hearts were quick to answer.  Quick, not in a jump-before-thinking manner, but out of a heart of peace that didn’t need to have all the details worked out.  We had the privilege of saying yes.

Yes to share.

Yes to provide.

Yes to love.

Yes to uncertainty.

Yes to sacrifice.

For out of the abundance of all that He has provided, we get to share just a slice – just a room, just some meals, just our hearts.  For God has chosen to bring two families together in such a time as this.  For how long?  We don’t know.  How will it function? One day, one meal, one moment at a time.  What will this time together entail? Growth. For All. That’s the simple truth of the matter.

I’m certain of more stories and lessons to come, but for now, my husband has a coined hash tag on twitter…


 This is life – the fun adventure of it all!

What opportunities is God providing you today?  Will yes be your answer?



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