Nothing is too small…


If you’re a parent, a special Aunt or Uncle, maybe even a cousin, or a favorite nursery worker, and you’ve had the privilege of spending time with any little person under 2, the picture to the left has some important meaning to you.  These items are small, but boy are they necessary.

In fact, if you find a brand that doesn’t quite ‘hold up’, you are willing to give the extra pennies in order to make sure the correct fit contains its intended contents.  Yep, these small items don’t fall into the “want” category, they fall into the “need” category.

What if, as a parent, you had to choose between filling these little people’s bellies, or having a serious health contamination on your hands, literally?  Enter PDHC, Pregnancy Decisions Health Center.  They sent me a letter.  I prayed about it.  They provided me with a little button for facebook, and in a short click, I could pass on this simple request.  It wasn’t a big deal to me.  It was a simple act of obedience.  In response, a few others ladies acted in obedience.  Voila, a van of diapers.

With a drive to central Columbus, a meeting with a very cheerful, serving young employee, and two trips into the building, a small delivery was made.  To me, it was small.  To the mother who received these, perhaps a moment of relief.  For a parent who is making hard decisions, daily, just perhaps she will breathe, just for a moment.  As one moment, leads to the next, I pray that she is able to see just how valuable each decision she is making truly is.  For she or he made one undeniable decision that could change the course of history.  They chose life.

Why did I feel compelled to share this with you today?  To get a golden star on my “am I a good person” checklist?  I pray, no.  I share this, and prayfully I will continue, to direct our attention to the One who gently guides us into daily opportunities to share just a small fraction of the ocean of love that is poured forth for us everyday.  I deserve none of it.  He chooses to give it anyway.  How can I not share?  The humble side of me wants to hide in the shadow of anonymous.  The command of the Lord tells me to go into the world and share.

The small matters.  The little is just as important as the big.  Steps of obedience lead me away from fear into faith.

May I humbly suggest to keep ears and eyes open.  You just might catch something small.  Small to you, huge to another.  Before the doubts and excuses take over, just do it.  Blessings are multiplied in the Light of our Lord.

How can you bless someone today?  The smaller the better.


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