Looks just scrumptious doesn’t it?  I got lost for a bit in bloggy-land, and happened upon a great site entitled From Dates to Diapers.  The best part about these is that hidden inside is… ice cream!

Yep, before removing the peel, this recipe calls for you to scoop out the inside and replace with your favorite flavor.  What I also like is the fact that all these ingredients I already have a home (minus the cherries), and in a short time, dessert for many can be whipped up.

In honor of national cheesecake day today, this was as close as I could get.

Your turn:  What is a favorite dessert dish around your house?


One thought on “Yummy!

  1. Heather these look fabulous! 🙂 Trying to think of MY favorite dessert…it so depends on the time of year! 🙂 If I have to pick just one it would be ice cream. We make homemade ice cream all the time and it’s so fun coming up with our own flavors and mix-ins! Can’t wait to try these yummy treats too!

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