Just a little word…

I returned home last evening from bible study.  When I left, there were piles of laundry in my living room.  When I returned there were piles of clean, folded laundry in baskets.



Now, as I share this, my dear husband is making a joke of how I am taking away his man card by blabbing of his mad housekeeping skills.  He’s just lucky I don’t have a rooftop terrace to shout from, (I guess twitter will do!) This one act of service meant the world to me.  He didn’t ask for acknowledgement, but I couldn’t wait to give it.

As I composed a tweet, I found myself pausing.  I had typed…


and instead, made one little adjustment – one that conveyed a much more clear and intended meaning


Interchanging in instead of for.  Huge.  You see, I’ve learned (and am continuing to learn), that I don’t love my husband FOR the things he does, I love him IN all his ways.  I accept him, just as he is, (again, learned/learning).  I may not always agree, but I chose to love.  You see, I would love my husband, even if the laundry was still dirty.  But, because he chose to serve, I now have an opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation, if I chose to act upon it that is.

Just like God.  My God does not love me FOR what I do, He loves me IN all His ways by the sheer fact that he created me.  He delights in me.  There’s nothing that can separate me from His love.  In fact, He tells me that he is my passionate pursuer. He never leaves. He IS love.

Here is my challenge:  Who has the Lord given you to love IN all of their ways?  How can you express your gratitude to this person today?


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