The perfect shell…

My family and I have had an opportunity this week to simply ‘get away from it all’.  Well, as I’m typing this, we haven’t strayed too far from a wi-fi signal.  A week at the beach is a little bit of heaven for me.  I sure enjoy the sun, relish in anything water related, and simply love an opportunity to tell my children “yes” more than “no”.

This morning my husband and I had a great opportunity to run on the beach together.  As we headed out, I noticed that my iPod was dead, bummer!  Past experiences have taught me – the Lord might just have something for me to hear, over my music that is.  Sure enough, we had about a mile left to go, and I found myself pondering…

While gazing about and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells, I also noticed how often I looked downward, several things caught my eye, but I noticed one new desire.  I was on a mission to spot a shell, and not just any shell, mind you.  There were thousands of shells to look at, I was on a hunt to find a special shell, a unique one if you will, one that was different than the hundreds I’d seen.  I had a feeling I’d know it when I saw it.  This shell would not have any broken parts, in fact, it would be perfectly whole.

I found myself having a conversation with my Jesus…

Jesus, it’s interesting to be on this quest.  Perfect shells are very rare.  If I think of all the circumstances that have to happen in order to keep a shell intact all the way to the shore, I would say it’s impossible.  Yet, I know that if I look, there it will be, right in front of me.

I hear him whisper to me…

Yes, many broken shells Heather, just like you.

Truth.  It resonates doesn’t it?  Yes, I have broken parts, I have wounds, and I have scars.  And I’ve asked for them to remain, as a reminder.  My Jesus is in the business of healing.  He makes me whole, complete.  He is the reason I can run at all.  He is the reason I have joy and peace, amidst the brokenness.

This perfect shell that I’m looking for?  It does exist, He exists.  In fact, He is the one who gives me the desire to seek the One who completes me.  With Jesus, I have His perfect spirit.  In fact, when others are seeking the Perfect Shell, do they see Him through me?  Or am “I” blocking His light?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, the beauty of a shell, in my child’s eyes, are the ones that are broken, and in fact, dark in color.  They see beauty not in perfection, but in wonder of size, texture, and color, with the faith of a child.  May we seek the Perfect Shell today and perhaps ask Him to shed a little light through His lens of perfection today.  He’s right there.  If only we silence ourselves to seek and ask… and see.

Seek and you shall find…



One thought on “The perfect shell…

  1. Amazing insight Heather. Sounds like you should maybe trying running SANS iPod more often (smile). Or run on the beach more often.

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