Happy Father’s Day!

Tomorrow is an important day!  Sometimes I find myself doing a bit of some eye-rolling when it comes to yet the next “holiday” celebration.  Gift-giving is the lowest of my love-languages.  It can cause great turmoil for me as I want to be able to give a special gift, yet feel so lacking in the creative department.

I have, however, been given the blessing of a child who rates gift-giving at the top of her list.  She is just a flurry of excitement when it comes to celebrating, creating home-made items, and planning special surprises.  I’m just so thankful for her.  She inspires me. And, in honor of this very special day that arrives in the morning, I decided to join in her excitement.

You see, I was given a very special gift by this honoree just 4 days ago.  A gift given in honor of our wedding anniversary.  I am so thankful for this gift, for with it, I can speak the language of my boys – the language of technology, (and lots of pictures!)  I can’t spoil all the goodies in store for our special grown-up boy tomorrow, but I do want to leave a tribute to the one my children call… Daddy.


  • The smiles on these faces reflect you.
  • Austin’s word for you – Hero.
  • Emma’s word – Daddy.
  • Brynn’s word – well she used several, my favorite was the memories of your funny voices.
  • Austin mirrors your… sarcasm… and focus.
  • Emma mirrors your tenderness.
  • Brynn mirrors your humor.
  • Austin doesn’t mirror your… hair line.
  • Emma doesn’t mirror your feet.
  • Brynn doesn’t mirror your bone structure.  To all these things you would say, “Thank you God.”
  • They all hear you say, “I love you”, daily.


  • Their zest for life, they get from you.
  • Their love of movies and music, they get from you.
  • Their sense of style… well, they all like Carolina blue.
  • Their joy of the Lord, they get from you.
  • The way they love their Mother, they get from you.

Thank you Daddy for loving us with kindness, patience, goodness, and faithfulness.  We are learning about the Love of Christ from the ways in which you love us.  We know that you are not perfect, but you lead us to the One who is. You are helping to shape our character in order for us to walk through the plans, and along the path that God has in store for us.  We feel lucky.  We are blessed.  We love you!


5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. For once…I am speechless. There are no words except I’m blessed. I love each one of you more than words can say. This was the best fathers day ever.

    • Thanks Troy. You give me far too much credit. I am so excited to watch your journey with Theron. Just seeing you for a few minutes the other night, I can see the pride and love you have for your little man. Cherish each moment. Thank you for your friendship on the journey. Appreciate you my friend.

  2. What a beautiful tribute and so sweetly/lovingly/perfectly written! Thank you BOTH for being who you are and as Troy said, mentoring to us newbies! 🙂

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