What harm is there?

The warm weather has brought so much joy and refreshment into our lives.  I’ve relished the open windows, screens in the doors, and simply time spent outside.  The initiation of a new season always brings with it promises of change, and it’s been true in our household lately.  Not only have the two-legged people enjoyed it, but our four-legged one has as well.  So much so, that he’s been… escaping.

Oooooo, the little stinker.  The moment we let down our guard, he’s pushing through the screen door of the garage, or he scoots around our legs, and even has learned to squeeze through the fence.  While an extreme annoyance to his owners, little Wubzzy has found sheer pleasure in the freedom.

I found myself in a pickle this morning.  While the “chasing escapades” didn’t seem to rattle me yesterday, this morning my blood pressure just rose!  He didn’t go far, and we weren’t too late for school, but I thought it best to check in with the Lord about my little fit this morning.  I’m learning that most times, in my fits, there’s a lesson in there.  I don’t like the feeling of anger, and I actually wanted to work it out as I was driving.

As I contemplated my thoughts and relived the scenes from yesterday, I felt myself justifying my actions.  Afterall, to my little dog, I should represent safety, security, provision, and unconditional love.  Why would he want to leave that?  I had called out to him.  He paused, looked straight at me, acknowledged my command, but simply felt it more enticing to sniff around as to what was near.

I didn’t since any part of him that was rebelling, was wasn’t running from me, he was just more interested, more curious in checking out smells, people, and quite frankly other doggie friends.  I also noticed that if I made sudden movements, he reacted in a playful “chase me” way, but if I bent down to his level, used a soft voice, reached out gently, he allowed me to touch him, pet him, and scoop him up.

As I was having these thoughts, it was as if the Lord whispered…

Heather, he is just like you.


Oh my.  So true.  How often do I acknowledge His voice, recognize his Word, am familiar with His ways, yet I want to leave the safely of his yard, just to sniff around a bit.  I know how to get home.  After all, what harm can come?  What if I just skip my reading time, just for today?  What if I just watch this movie that might not be the best for me, what’s the harm in that?  What if I just want to leave… for a moment… I’ve been so “good” for quite awhile now?

Oh, how tempting some thoughts can be, even tempting to the point of being entitled, that leaving the shelter of His presence, to explore, is actually a good thing for me?  All Satan…  Being the dog-owner, I was furious and quite flabbergasted that he would want to leave with the possibility of never coming back?  How good is our God in light of this?  He is full of grace, full of mercy, full of forgiveness, let at the same time, loving enough to discipline us when we leave the safety of his sheepfold.

If you find yourself contemplating the fencepost in your life, if you have a battle that seems bigger than you are, know that we have an even bigger God.  If you live in the Hilliard area, I hope you will pray about and even consider a summer study that will help us look at this issue.  It’s called Made to Crave, and it’s soooo good.  For more information, visit the community bible study blog site at growinhim.wordpress.com

Have a wonderful week in the Sonshine!

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