A joy-full race!

Just felt compelled to take the time to write down some thoughts today. My motivation includes that fact that my thoughts are so fleeting, perhaps some day I’d like to revisit this weekend in sharing stories with the kids that I’ll be glad I did.  Thanks for taking the time to “reflect” with me.  My hope is that these words will encourage you to take that first, somewhat hesitant, step into perhaps the adventure of a lifetime.

To put simply, Nashville 2011 was sheer enjoyment, this weekend was pure joy, time spent with my husband and friends was “whip cream on top of my ice cream”.  One event led into another, no stress with any details, no expectations for what was to come, just living moment to moment.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  I can honestly say that I wasn’t sure this way of living was even possible, and now I can’t imagine living any other way.

I actually ran this morning.  Felt great, not my doing, honestly.  This July it will be 5 years of running with the Lord as my coach.  And when I say 5 years, that includes every week, averaging 4-5 times a week.  Most everything else I’ve “done” has been seasonally, sports season, school season, work season, child rearing seasons, etc.  This is unique for me.  Unique in that I don’t have a finish date.  When do I stop “running”?  Do you have anything like this in your life?  How would you respond?

Well, my answer is, I don’t know.  There’s actually a lot I do not know, but my answer for today is that I will run today.  I can.  Not everyone has this luxury.  That’s a fact that hit me in a different way on Saturday morning.  I trained through a strange pain this winter.  A pain that nagged, bothered, and stuck with me.  Some days were better than others.  I decided to keep on going.  I also decided to ditch something.  I ditched all things numbers.  I haven’t worn a watch since the fall.  I have an idea of how far I run, I’ve had no idea of how fast.  Is it wrong to wear a watch?  Absolutely not, most people do.  For me, this part of journey wasn’t about that anymore.

As I ran on Saturday, surrounded by thousands of others, I ran with a smile, the entire race.  I’m curious to see the pictures they took.  I ran the pace my body felt comfortable with, my breathing was normal, my eyes took in the sights, sounds, signs, and people, I didn’t feel taxed.  Now don’t get me wrong, thoughts of nearing the finish were a part of my mental energies, but they were fleeting.  Perhaps it’s the “knowing” that comes with experience, perhaps it’s the goal for the day, perhaps it’s simply that fact it’s almost as if your muscle memory goes into automatic pilot, it was just enjoyable.  Do you know what I mean?  What’s on auto pilot for you?

Now when I say I enjoyed it, I’m not implying that running is always enjoy-able.  Most of the time, it’s not.  So why run, you ask?  Good question.  There’s several reasons, I usually conclude with… why not?  Why not take a chance that there will be a “great” moment?  I’ve had plenty.  Why not spend my time giving back to my body that gives me back in abundance.  Will I be glad that I ran, or perhaps that I didn’t?  Do I spend more time making excuses, or could I have been half-way finished by then?

For me, my relationship with the Lord would not be where it is, had I not said yes to running.  Period.  Where are you feeling nudged?  Could it be in a place of challenge, could your relationship with Him soar if you say yes?  What’s holding you back?  Some ask, how do you find the time?  I don’t find it as if it’s fleeting, I look at my week, and I put it in my schedule, not dogmatically, but where it fits in, so for me it varies.

I can tell you that not only has running opened up a way for me to draw closer to the One who is my only strength, to experience weakness to the point of no explanation of my self, but I also have grown in my marriage, and in the larger picture, with friends and relationships I never would have otherwise.  There is ALWAYS a bigger picture that we do not see.  The question is, will we trust? and even more, will we believe?

For more details on this weekend, check out Aaron’s blog, he’s a much better writer than I am.  Have a great day!


One thought on “A joy-full race!

  1. You go! I’ll try to keep up. 😉 I love seeing what God has done through your willingness to run!

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