Endings are beginnings…

I found myself thinking tonight… scary, yes, but thinking can be good… at times.  My thoughts ran to and fro, and at the end of the trail, I realized I’d been reflecting on the concepts of endings.  I just finished the very last page of a study that a few ladies and I have been traveling through over that last four months.  I also began working on the last week of another study I’ve been traveling through over the last nine months through the book of Isaiah.  In fact, one lady asked me this morning, “Are you going to miss this?”

Funny things about endings… My thoughts seem to divert in two different directions: backwards and forwards.  I enjoy taking a glance back on the journey.  I remember those times in which it would have been easy to skip a week, step back, start something different, or move in another direction.  Times of temptation that screamed at me to take an easier road.  Then I remember times of true revelation.  I remember the rewards of diligently seeking and truly watching wisdom being handed over, with no merit for entitlement.  For whatever the reason, my Lord saw fit for me to attend every meeting, yep, every one.  Am I comfortable with drawing attention to this fact?  For me? No.  For Christ?  Any day, and twice on Sundays.

Why?  There is victory here.  With victory, there is a purpose to celebrate.  To celebrate in all that Christ allows in our lives.  With every race I run, my mental pattern runs a similar course:  First few miles – sheer joy just to be there.  Next few miles – not so much joy, more concentration.  Next few miles – the hard stuff, determination.  The last few miles – sadness that the weeks of training, the planning, and the build-up will all be ending.  Just. Like. That.

Where do you find yourself today?  Are you approaching an “ending” of your life?  Are you glancing back, and peeking ahead simultaneously?  Perhaps you’re nearing a graduation, a wedding date, a career change, a role change.  Change period.  What are your greatest fears?  What are your biggest hopes?  May I leave you with a challenge and a thought:

Right now, right where you stand (or sit), what are you most thankful for?  Tell Him.  Thank Him.

For as we all know, with every ending, comes a beginning…


One thought on “Endings are beginnings…

  1. We recently returned from six delightful months in Arizona. I had joined a wonderful Bible study and started to make good friends. I took tap dancing lessons and started to get to know the women there. That has all ended until next October.
    On the other hand, when we came back we have seen all of our family (including my 94 year old mother). I begin this week as leader of a new Bible study based on Ann’s book One Thousands Gifts. There are two groups of women, an afternoon and an evening group. So in our small church that is 14 women, over 20 percent of our women which I think is great. This is a good beginning. We are getting resettled. Soon we will have our Canadian friends over for dinner. And I am most thankful that He is with me no matter where I roam. Blessings, Jan

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