Burnt popcorn

I have a tried and true method.  When I make microwave popcorn, I don’t need no fancy button.  I don’t even care if the button says “popcorn”.  Every time I’ve made popcorn, 2 minutes works like a champ.  Two minutes, no more, no less.  Insert bag, and out comes perfectly popped, salty, buttery greatness.

So, today was no different.  Insert bag. Correct side up.  Shut door.  2 -0 -0, start.  The machine beeped.  I removed bag.  I opened bag.  My nose smelled.  My eyes looked… black.  How could this be???!!!  My tried and true method.  One that has worked every time I’ve used it!!!  Until now…

What went wrong?  My logic went into motion.  Did I have it wrong side up?  Nope.  Did I enter the wrong time? Nope.  Was the bag punctured or old?  Nope.  No explanation, no reason, just burnt popcorn.  I was shocked.  I was bummed.  I was perplexed.  I had to let it go.

It’s it that way with so many areas of our life.  Things don’t always go according to our “tried and true” methodology.  Things let us down, people let us down, we let others down.  Tried and true may not ALWAYS be tried and true.  As I took the dog for a walk today, my mind seemed to ponder this seemingly insignificant incidence in life.  Why do we get surprised when  a constant suddenly stops being a constant?  As grown adults, we can know life changes, but somehow it still catches us off guard.

Could it be that we were made to have walked in a garden with One who is forever constant?  Could it be in our nature that this does still surprise us?  Do we even grow accustomed to this ever-changing world that we have come to even expect the disappointment?  Perhaps we forget there is one who never disappoints, who never lies, who keeps a promise from now into eternity.

Lord, I want to thank you today for my burnt popcorn.  For, without this lesson, I might have missed an opportunity to thank you for being the constant in my life.  Thank for being the Rock on which I can stand.  In a world that shakes and rattles, where today’s promise, it tomorrow’s, “I’ve changed my mind” – I thank you for this stability in my life.  Forgive me when I forget, when I start to grumble and complain.  Today, I thank YOU for being my tried and true.  I love you.


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