Music to my ears

The kids had their first official recital tonight.  They have been taking lessons for a little over a year now, and I simply cherish how music fills our home.  My husband has a love of music, and has recently resumed his guitar playing.  If he’s home, there’s music on somewhere.  Me? I tend to find tranquility in silence, yet there is something about special about a song – one can stick with you for a lifetime.  A song can conjure up memories from a time past like nothing else.  Music grabs me for a moment, and lets everything else slip away.

For the kids, they have learned lessons in perseverance, endurance, and persistence.  I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed them the opportunity to not only learn notes, rhythms, and chords, but to take their learning and play for Him.  Emma had a moment last Thursday.  She bravely played just before her school musical in front of all the parents, students, and families… and found herself one note off – for most of the song.  She continued, she didn’t get flustered, even an overheard comment didn’t seem to shatter her esteem.  She admitted to her mistakes, and laughed off the moment that passed.  What character.  Let’s just say, she made no such mistakes tonight.

Mommy and Daddy are proud of you Em!


Austin, cool as a cucumber, climbed the stairs, assumed a comfortable position, and played away.  He had been practicing his ending… and he nailed it.  Proud of you my little man!


Many thanks to the teacher who made this all possible, the fabulous Miss Rachel!  Love you my friend!  So grateful for the kids to play in honor of sweet Taylor!  Many blessings.

What music do you find yourself singing, or playing, to the Lord today?


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