Multitudes on Mondays

Today is Monday, not usually the most favorite day of the week, right?  Well, I decided to join into with many others in celebrating the simple gift of today.  If you click here, you’ll be tremendously blessed to read what others have written as well.  This is the site for author Ann Voskamp, so feel free to linger her post, as you scroll down, the list of others follows.  If you rather, feel free to click the “Multitudes on Mondays” button on the sidebar to the right.

What I find myself the most thankful for today is the gift of my health.  As you read the news and speak with friends, stories arise in which this may not be the case for either a friend or for you.  I’m coming to learn just how there truly is a season and a purpose for every season in our lives.  So today, as I felt the sunshine on my face, the cool breeze in my hair, saw the warmth of my breath, and felt the soft ground underneath my feet as I ran, I decided to give thanks to my Lord for such a time as this.  I’m not guaranteed this gift even tomorrow, but for today, I recognize this gift and I give thanks…

for the ability to run, for the “want to” in taking care of this, the Holy Spirit’s temple.

What do you find yourself thankful for today?


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