For the joy of a child…

I had the wonderful privilege of attending yet another gymnastics meet this afternoon.  The level 4 girls competed at the Arnold Challenge meet today at the Columbus Convention Center.  Truly, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a rainy day than to have a special lunch with my daughter and to travel to a competition alongside a special friend who literally jumped at the chance to attend.

Wow, what an event.  We literally walked the halls with body builders of all different sizes and shapes.  Pretty comical actually, the world of body building is a whole different world, to say we stood out in a crowd was the understatement of the day.  All in all, she had an amazing meet.  She earned a medal in each of her events, her best today was her final rotation – the beam routine, earning a score of 9.075… taking first place!  She has continued to improve each meet and placed 4th overall for the 7 and under age group.  The team as a whole brought home the first place trophy – great job Universal Girls!!

Highlights of today:

1.  Catching Emma wave to us before each event… just checkin in.

2.  Focusing to give her best effort on each event.  So much power on her back hand-spring that she included an extra step… almost a score of 9.

3.  Watching her hug her teammate who  had a fall on the beam and was very sad.

4.  An opportunity to be the loud obnoxious Mom who yells the loudest at the announcement of each award.

5.  Being there to observe her soak in all the affirmations a proud Momma could pour forth at the completion of her competition, showing her the proud words of her Daddy through the wonderful world of texting and video.

Here is Emma’s best routine of the day.  Thanks for sharing in life’s memorable moments…



One thought on “For the joy of a child…

  1. Way to go Emma! I love how her coach praises her at the end and gives her a hug. Beam was always my least favorite event and Emma looked so calm and comfortable. What a blessing it is to spend sweet one on one time with our kids.

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